Our Master Bedroom Makeover: The Reveal!

Wooooohoooo!!!! It is DONE, people. And we are thrilled! Been a long time coming, but finally I can tell you, our master bedroom makeover is complete and you can’t see me, but I’m totally doing a happy dance right now;) Can we just go ahead and dive right on in with pictures? Pretty please? Because I am BUSTING AT THE SEAMS!

Let’s take a quick look at way back when – here’s what our master looked like when we decorated it ten years ago:

old bedroom

Then, a few years ago, I went through this temporary ‘obsessed with bright color’ phase…oranges, corals, aquas, bring it!

old bedroom

old bedroom

old bedroom

old bedroom

old bedroom

old bedroom

old bedroom

old bedroom

Annnnd I liked it for like a day. Ok, ok, slight exaggeration. But in all seriousness, I tired of it insanely quickly, and wanted to change it – my husband thought I was crazy, since I HAD JUST DONE IT, but I mean, really, nothing surprises that guy anymore.

So we painted the walls Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (75%), we bought a new bed, painted my dresser white, gave my husband’s dresser a new look, found a way to hide our cable box, mounted the tv, put up a plank wall and new baseboards, trimmed out the windows, gave our bi-fold closet doors a fun new look, bought a new rug, I found a nightstand for free for my husband’s side, and made another freebie nightstand for mine, hung wall lamps, made bedsheet curtains and hung rods up way high for extra drama, made a sign for above the tv, made a rustic ladder for our throw blankets…and picked up some new knick knacks along the way.






I mean, seriously. Those curtains on a breezy day. *swoon.*

You might notice I moved the bird cage thingy with my DIY Book Page Wreath upstairs. Remember when I put the cubbies in the family room? That’s why;)


I bought the large square linen pillows from Marshalls, but the rest of them (Ikea) I’ve had forever. I grabbed them from the basement sofa, which already has a ton of pillows, so it’s all good. I’ve just really always loved them, so I decided to use them in here.


I also moved our ‘entry bench’ up here to the foot of our bed. We had that trunk, and it just wasn’t vibing with me for some reason. Couldn’t put my finger on why, but sometimes you just know. I tested out the bench just to see, and ended up loving it immediately and knew it had to stay! I’ll show you soon where the trunk ended up, and what we have going on for our entry now.





I fell in love (ha! totally didn’t mean to do that;) ) with this sign from Hobby Lobby. And I love that it kinda reminds me of the sign I made and hung above the tv.


Those lanterns are from Marshalls, and the black hangy things (their technical title) are from Lowes.




The long term goal is to grow a tall fiddle leaf fig tree (yes, you read that right – Liz is going to attempt to grow something believe it or not!) and put it where the ladder is, and move the ladder to where the wreath is hanging. But I was out of patience and had to post this bedroom. 😉


So that about wrap up the tour! Hope it was worth the wait and that you love it as much as we do! Thanks for hanging in there with us…as always, you guys are the best!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I wanna go dive in here and TAKE A NAP! 😉


  1. Gorgeous, open, airy, bright and beautiful. Love it!!

  2. Haley Wietharn says:

    Love it!!! Where did you find the blue pillow and blankets?, love them!

    • Thanks! The blue pillow was one I had with a dark blue fabric, and I just made a new pillow cover with no-sew stuff:) So it’s just striped fabric from Walmart. The blankets are all Marshalls.

  3. Love! And I liked your coral/aqua bedroom at the time, but in retrospect this seems more “mature.”

  4. Right out of “Country Living”, and I still can’t believe those closet doors, I love to look at them. You simply amaze me! xoxo Mom

  5. I love this makeover!! Can you tell me where you purchased your wall lamps?

    • thank you! They’re from Lowes. They come with white shades, I bought the burlap ones (from there also) separately.

  6. So beautiful! I love all of the versions of your room but this one definitely has a peaceful easy feeling about it and I agree with your mom, the closet doors are amazing!

  7. I don’t know how I’m just now seeing this since I’ve been waiting ever so (im)patiently for the reveal. It looks fantastic!

  8. Heather says:

    Beautiful! Question- do you know type/name of the shades? I saw in your curtains post that they are from Lowes but I can’t find any at my Lowes that I like but this is what I am looking for. Was hoping if you knew name/type I could look up online. Thank you!

    • Not sure the Lowes brand, but I’ve also bought similar ones from Home Depot, and they’re the Home Decorators Collection line. Good luck, and thank you!

  9. Where is the bed skirt from?

  10. Want to sell the sign above your tv? 😂 I love it!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I love the large quote pic ! I wanna make one I can only read part of it tho what is the quote you used? Thanks …
    Great job !

  12. Alexandra says:

    Your white, gray and aqua dressers are what I’ve been looking for! Where can I find some like that? Gorgeous!

    • Bought them as a dark espresso set from Gardiners or Havertys about ten years ago and I painted them. Thank you!

  13. Mary Adams says:

    Where oh where did you get the plaque ” I’ll keep choosing you” from? Was that a DIY? I NEED that for my home!

  14. Beautiful bedroom makeover! I love the planked wall and the simple, yet elegant farmhouse style!

  15. Can you tell me the color on the walls?

  16. Where did you get your dressers from? THey are great? I’ve been looking for something like them!

    • Got them ten years ago from either Gardiners or Havertys – they were a dark espresso finish and I painted/fixed them up!

  17. love, love, love, love, love, love, as your picture says. It’s light and dreamy, I think I will do my BR the same way. Love the bird cage on the wall.

  18. Where did you find the windmill blade above the dresser??? 😍

  19. I would love to know where your dresser is from or any information. Someone else asked the same question. 🙂

    • Bought them as a set from Gardiners or Havertys ten years ago and fixed them up;) They were a dark espresso finish.

  20. Rachel M. says:

    Where did you get your dressers? I love them!

    • bought them as a set 10 years ago at Gardiners or Havertys, can’t remember! They were espresso finish and I changed them up;) Thanks!

  21. Beautiful!

  22. Love the picture above the bed but I can’t see it all. What does it say.

  23. This looks so beautiful! Where did you get your bedspread?

    • Thank you! It actually is just a plain white duvet over a down comforter that they included at the mattress store when we bought our king!

  24. Where did you get the multi-colored flower throw pillows? LOVE your style!

    • Thank you! Those are from IKEA a while back – they sell similar ones, but the colors are a little different now.

  25. Nikki Carson says:

    Where did you get the lanterns??

  26. Love this makeover!! Very relaxing!! P.s. Stealing the idea of a basket for pillows…….I never know what to do with all my throw pillows when I go to bed!! Love your dresser makeovers!! I’m always scared to paint ‘new furniture’

  27. Annie E says:

    So I flippin’ love the lanterns by yoir tv. Looking for some scale info — how big is your tv and how big are the lanterns?

  28. Where did you get the metal tray on the dresser? I’ve been looking for just that forever now!

  29. Natalie Stuckey says:

    Hi! Where did you find your white lanterns hanging beside your television? They’re amazing!

  30. Where did you purchase your lamps from? Thanks so much. Literally doing my master like this. Love the style!

  31. Katherine says:

    Is your plank wall the same color as the rest? Beautiful job; it looks so dreamy and relaxing!

  32. Thanks so much, haha after I commented I rechecked myself and saw you already answered that 😮, so sorry! Thanks girly

  33. Beautiful room! Where’s the cable box and cords for the tv?

  34. Karen B. says:

    This room is so inviting! Airy and peaceful. Nap, read, nap, read…Love it! My favorite shiplap application: closet doors! Very inventive.

  35. I totally copied your room! Our furniture was even similar! I wish I could post a photo!

  36. Laterns on either side of tv is genius and beautiful. Just added laterns a in a beach color in my living room either side of the tv and it’s great at pulling the eye away from the tv. And I don’t have a fire place so when I light the candles it gives off a warm cozy glow. Thanks for sharing great ideas. U made my front room fantastic. 😀

  37. Beautiful

  38. Where did you get the ladder for the blankets?

    • I made it! There’s a post on it – search “DIY Rustic Ladder” in my search engine – should come right up!

  39. Where did u buy the wall mount for the lanterns?

  40. Wow~~! Really well done. Love it!!

  41. What kind of shade did you use over the window?

  42. ashley klumb says:

    Where is the bed from?

  43. Love, LoVe LOVE💗

  44. Love your makeover!! What a beautiful space to dream in. I see you have used SW Sea Salt. Did you lighten the color or is it just the way it comes?

  45. What is the paint colour?

  46. Linley Mills says:

    Ok, I love, love, love how you decorate your house!!! I had a quick question for you. We painted our master bedroom with the Sea Salt 75% and I instantly fell in love. We are trying to figure out what to paint our master bath and was wondering what you might recommend. Do you think Rainwashed would go with the Sea Salt or maybe a light grey?? I hate picking colors!!! Any suggestions? The cabinets are cream color and the tile is a light tan color…

    • Thank you so much, Linley! Our master bath off our Sea Salt bedroom is Rainwashed. It’s not exact, but it works. I don’t think I’d go grey if you have tan tile. You could even try a 50% Sea Salt, and see how that works? I’d probably stick with that family (Sea Salt/Rainwashed), especially since it looks so lovely with cream and tan! Good luck!

  47. I LOVE the sign above the TV, did you create it? I’d love to see the tutorial or a step to create it. Thx!

  48. Do you know how many inches your wall hooks are for the lanterns?

  49. Where did you get the sign about your TV? I am in love with it.. Or I guess if you made it how did you make it?

  50. Are selling any signs because I am obsessed with the one above the tv!! What does it say??

    • Thank you! No, sorry, I don’t sell them:( There’s a link in this post though, with all the details how I made it, and what it says! Glad you like it!

  51. Yes i would like to know what the sign says as well! I love it!

  52. I love the woven wood shades you use. Can you please tell me what brand they are? Thanks so much! Your home is lovely!!

  53. Beautiful!! Can we trade rooms?? Haha. What shade of paint did you use?? I love it!

  54. Ashley Rogers says:

    I would love it if you could make me to sign like the one above your tv! It is amazing! I would totally pay for this to be made!

  55. What type of wall hooks are the lanterns being hung by? I’ve looked around for them in HD but haven’t found that type. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  56. Stephanie says:

    Love everything!!! I’m attempting to be crafty and bought a used dresser and changing table for our third babies nursery. We are not finding out the sex so I’m doing overall gender neutral and more rustic theme. I want to do a two tone like the gray dresser in your bedroom any idea where you got the gray paint and the name of the color ?

    Thank you!

  57. Hi,
    Your bedroom is beautiful!! I love your blog! Could you please tell me what color paint you used on your bedroom walls, for the shiplap and the pretty color on the regular walls.

  58. Jaime Lynn Cook says:

    It’s beautiful. Congratulations

  59. Michelle Neel says:

    A few questions: 1) how did you prepare the dresser & chest of drawers before painting? (not the raw appearance of the drawer facade, but the actual chest itself). 2) What color white did you choose? 3) Where did you find that area rug, drapes, and rods?
    You have excellent taste & I am clueless about decorating. My room has been he same for the last 10 years. We have similar pieces of furniture & would love to attempt this.

  60. I’m obsessed with this room! Where did you find your rug?

  61. Beautiful bedroom! Can you tell me how tall the lanterns are?

  62. Is the tan pillows and matching blanket a sheet or quilt? Where did u get those from? Trying to match colors with our master redo. Beautiful!

  63. I love the lanterns hanging on the sides of the TV. Where are those from and how long ago did you get them?

  64. I love the dresser! I know you said you got it from either gardners or havertys, but could you tell me the brand of the dresser?

  65. Gorgeous!! Getting rid of our footboard in hopes of it feeling like more space. I’m really wanting to go with metal. Where is the metal headboard from and what kind of bed frame did you use?

    • Thank you! Found it on amazon – can’t remember the exact details, but I did a post on it with the link and it’s in this post. Just bought the bed frame at the mattress store when we bought that!

  66. How did you make your closet doors/

  67. Any idea what the ‘real’ technical name for your lantern hangers are called. I need to find some for something and having trouble locating them! Thanks!

    • I don’t, sorry! I bought the lanterns separately, and the hangers are from Lowes, so they didn’t come as a set, if that helps at all!? Good luck! 🙂

    • The hangers are basic plant hangers. I bought the same ones, also to hang lanterns, at Home Depot in the plant section. Hope that helps Stacielk!

  68. I love your bedroom. It is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me a lot of my own. I have also gone neutral and I never tire of my it. When I add “pops” of color for seasons (fall) or holidays (Christmas), I tire of the color very quickly and can’t wait to return to my neutrals. I just found your blog and can’t wait to read through.
    Warmly, Gloria

  69. Kaileigh says:

    Where is the bed from? Just beautiful!!

  70. Andrea Meyers says:

    Swoon! I need those tv side lanterns in a super desperate way. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Doreen Sprague says:

      I just got mine at Marshalls, can’t believe they were still available @ only $9.99 each!

      • Nice!!

      • The lanterns you got those at marshalls? if they are not available do you know if we can order online?

        • I don’t believe you can order online, but I did hear from a reader who just spotted them at her local Marshalls, and I saw them at mine recently!

        • Doreen Sprague says:

          I looked online and couldn’t find them but if you find one but can’t find two you can see if they can locate at another store. Marshalls, TJ Max and Homegoods may have them.

  71. mikaela h says:

    where is the saying from?

    • I made it – there’s a tutorial linked up in this post. Found the saying somewhere online and tweaked it a bit.:)

  72. Love the wall color what is it?

  73. Christine says:

    Can you tell me where you got the white dresser below the TV? I love it!

    • Thank you! It was in a set from Haverty’s that we bought when we moved in 11 years ago – it was a dark espresso and I painted it;)

      • Hi so you said on IG that you painted that dresser( below the tv) Alabaster white…did you lighten it? I’m about to do the same to my dresser and alabaster white looks tan. Just curious BC like someone earlier said I love your makeover and am
        Copying it. Thanks for the inspiration

        • Hi Sue! So Alabaster is tricky – depending on the light in the room, it can look full on white, or have a much creamier look to it. I have this color on the board and batten trim in our family room and it looks totally white, and I have it on our dining room walls and it looks off white, almost cream. It all depends on the natural light the room gets. My bedroom is super bright with lots of natural light and because of that, the dresser looks more white. I’d say maybe pick up a little sample and try it, if it’s too creamy, either try lightening it, or go with a different color. Behr White is a full on bright white you could try! I put that on all my shiplap. Good luck!

  74. I saw you made the sign about your tv. By any change do you make them to sell?

  75. Brooke griffin says:

    Love your lanterns! Can you tell me the height of them?

  76. Where did you get your rug?

  77. What does your other night stand look like and where are they from? I love that they aren’t the same but am nervous my choices will be so drastically different it would look ridiculous. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Sue! They’re both linked up in this post – I used tables I had here already (hand me down from my sister I think), and I fixed them up. I think as long as the height of both tables are similar, you’ll be ok! (Just my opinion;) Good luck!

  78. Is the wall paint flat, eggshell, or…?

  79. Gorgeous!!!! Awesome job!

  80. I love this space!! It came out so great! I am in the process of doing a master bedroom redo {$100 room challenge} and I am inspired by your TV gallery wall.

  81. Love love love the curtain and blinds combo. Where did you get the blinds from? Thanks for sharing!!

  82. OK, can you please tell me everything about your bedding? Sheets, comforter, pillows blankets, etc. Thanks

    • The three big pillows in the back were from Marshalls, the down comforter and duvet were a bonus gift with the mattress purchase, and the tan flannel sheets are from Target. Floral pillows were old ones from IKEA, and the striped one is a DIY. Throw blanket was Marshalls.

  83. Samantha L says:

    Hey Liz what color do you paint your trim and baseboards?

  84. Melissa Grout says:

    I’ve looked everywhere for the plant hangers for the lanterns. I need some that are 3 inches…Are yours much longer?

  85. Michelle Neel says:

    Straight grizzle gray(sw) for hubby’s dresser or did you alter the percentage?

  86. What did you use for your shiplap?


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