Making a Free Nightstand: The Suitcase Table

Sharing another glimpse into the ‘so-close-yet-so-far-away’ master bedroom today. We were going full steam, then life seemed to get in the way. Only two more things to do, but they’re kinda big projects. I’m hoping I’ll be writing my big reveal post sometime in the next couple weeks, but we shall see…

In the meantime, I figured I’d go and ahead and share with you what I did with my nightstand!

suitcase table

Yup. That’s a suitcase.

See, we had that same conundrum with my nighstand as we did with my husband’s. We have a realllly high king size bed. But verrrrry little space to work with on either side. So we had to find a table that fit the tall height requirement, but that wasn’t super skinny (most tall tables are). A skinny table next to this beast would just look silly. Since apparently I look to think outside the nightstand box, I decided to go for it again and look around my house until an idea smacked me in the face.

suitcase table

I had this tv tray table. And you know my favorite yard sale find ever? That stack of three suitcases I got FOR $9?!!! Very observant readers might notice that the stack has shrunk to two these days:

January decor

Well that’s because the middle guy was THE PERFECT size when I grabbed it and put it on top of the TV tray. It was a tiny bit too tall, so I sawed off just about an inch or two, painted it to match (or as close as I could – I had about eleventy-jillion blues and greens and greys out to try and match it. Not perfect, but close enough).

suitcase table

And BAM! We have a perfect sized nightstand for my tiny space.

suitcase table

Now, I didn’t secure it because I knew we were mounting lamps to the wall and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything breakable or heavy sitting on top. It’s been fine, but it’s also tucked in this nice little corner, out of harm’s way. If it were anywhere else, I’d probably attach it somehow.

suitcase table

I always loved the color of those suitcases, so I’m thrilled I can work it into another space. It’s perfect with the rest of the decor in here. Can’t wait to show you the rest.

suitcase table

On another note, I’m becoming addicted to fresh flowers on my nightstand. Gonna have to be a regular thing, I’m thinking…

So next time you’re in a pickle, trying to find the right piece of furniture to fit a weird space, take a look around your house…might have just the thing right under your nose;)

Have a great weekend! XO


  1. dearseth says:

    Can I ask about the lamps? I love them! Are they the original shades or did you add them….?

    • Thank you! They’re wall lamps (plug-in kind) from Lowes, and I did buy different burlap shades to go with them – also from Lowes!

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