Let’s Talk Yard Sales: I Don’t Leave Without…

yard sale finds

It’s that time of year again! My favorite: Yard Sale Season! You never know what you’ll find when you pull up to a yard sale, but I wanted to share with you what I always seem to grab when I see them sitting there. There are certain things that that I know I can and […]

So I didn’t See this Coming…


Life sure is funny, isn’t it? Here I was, a stay-at-home-mom having fun blogging about decorating my house during my kids’ naptime. And now I’m sitting here at my desk, looking at a stack of business cards and scheduling in clients for consultations and Craft Nights. BUSINESS CARDS. CLIENTS. CALENDARS. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!!! Yes, […]

Our Master Bedroom Makeover: The Reveal!


Wooooohoooo!!!! It is DONE, people. And we are thrilled! Been a long time coming, but finally I can tell you, our master bedroom makeover is complete and you can’t see me, but I’m totally doing a happy dance right now;) Can we just go ahead and dive right on in with pictures? Pretty please? Because I […]

From Boring Bi-folds to Plank French Doors: The Closet Makeover

closet door makeover

I almost titled this The Big, Scary, Questionable-Until-the-Very-End Closet Makeover…because that’s exactly what this was. I had this wacky idea, ran it by my husband…got the raised eyebrows. Looked it up online…found nothing. Plank closet doors… Shiplap closet doors… Securing plywood to closet doors… Closet Doors look like Plank Wall… Make closet doors look like […]

Making a Free Nightstand: The Suitcase Table

suitcase table

Sharing another glimpse into the ‘so-close-yet-so-far-away’ master bedroom today. We were going full steam, then life seemed to get in the way. Only two more things to do, but they’re kinda big projects. I’m hoping I’ll be writing my big reveal post sometime in the next couple weeks, but we shall see… In the meantime, […]

Today Will Become a Memory

living in the now

Oh those Facebook memories. Those “On This Day” memories that pop up in my feed. Do they get you, too? I mean, I love them, but man. They tug at the ol’ heartstrings. I look at those tiny babies from 3, 4, 5 years ago. Those sweet memories. And I usually tear up bawl like […]

March 2016 Roundup!

March 2016Collage

It’s April! Yay! We still have some cold days ahead (7 day forecast is NOT too promising around here), but at least once that calendar flips to April it feels like beautiful days CAN’T be far behind, right?! I always like to reflect on the past month and lump all the posts into one neat […]

A New Stain for The Coffee Table

coffee table

When we got our coffee table a while back, I liked it a lot, but the finish on the top never floated my boat too much. It wasn’t terrible (obviously, I’ve lived with it for a few years now! ;), but it was always one of those projects I had in the back of my […]

The 3 Things Our House Uses The Most

functional decor

The idea for this post came to me at midnight last night, as I was trying to sleep…as most of my ideas do. (Really need to get that notebook on my nightstand one of these days!). I was thinking of some of the things in our house that are constantly in use. They move from […]

$15 DIY Rustic Ladder

diy rustic ladder

Recently I was at a client’s house, and she asked what she could put on the side of her fireplace. There’s an empty spot that could use something tall(ish), and she already had a floor plant in a nearby corner. I suggested a ladder to hang throw blankets on – they’re so cozy, super cute, […]