Simple, Easy, and THRIFTY Ways to Cozy Up Your Space


I don’t know why I get so bummed at the thought of Summer ending every year. It’s like I forget how truly amazing Fall is, and how much I stinking LOVE IT! I begrudgingly pulled out the Fall bins yesterday, and as soon as the top came off – I mean THAT VERY SECOND – […]

Free Dresser Makeover


A couple months ago, my sister was helping a friend get organized and clean out her place. She had some old furniture she was giving away, and being the hoarder that I am, my sister immediately thought of me. She said there was a dresser she thought I could do something with… Could I ever! […]

Goodbye 1965, Hello 2014: The Master Bath Makeover!


PEOPLE. I apologize for the excessive caps, bold, italics, and exclamation points in advance. It’s gonna be one of those kinds of posts. Because you see, THE MASTER BATHROOM RENO IS DOOOONNNNEEEEE!!! I’m not screaming at you, I promise. I’m just SO STINKING EXCITED about it. (See what I mean about the caps? I can’t […]

The Other Side


You knew this post was coming, didn’t you? The K word. Kindergarten. As in: MY BABY STARTED KINDERGARTEN. And around here, Kindergarten is no joke. Full day, every day. Which means my three kiddos depart at 9am and don’t get home until 4:15pm. And I never ever, in a million, kajillion years thought I’d say […]

How I Got Four ‘New’ Accent Tables for $39


Remember when it was THE thing to have your furniture match perfectly? (Totally not dissing those who love matching furniture by the way, simply stating that it’s not the only way to go now, and a lot of people like the eclectic, collected over time look. Got nothin’ but love for all y’all. The End). […]

My apologies


I’ve got so many projects in my head right now I can’t sleep at night. Not kidding. It keeps me up, I toss and turn. I cannot even wait to start them all. But it’s August now, and it’s a bittersweet month. School starts up at the end of this month, and for the first […]

For The Love of Paint Samples


Finally! I have found The One. My Perfect Match. Yesterday, paintbrush in hand, I discovered The Bathroom Paint Color Of My Dreams. And it only took me eleventy-billion paint samples to find it. Let me tell you something about choosing the right color, friends: PAINT SAMPLES ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. Unless of course, you’re one […]

Not The Mom I Used To Be


When my kids were babies and toddlers, I did stuff. We regularly hit storytime at the library, had lots of playdates with friends, went to the park all the time. Nature walks, zoo trips…we filled our days with all kinds of (exhausting) fun. We made homemade playdough for crying out loud. And fingerpainted. ON EASELS. And created […]

Baby You’re So Classic: Bathroom Decisions


I tell you what. I am much more in my comfort zone when making decisions about what to do with a $5 yard sale find or picking a paint color for a bedroom. This bathroom reno…it’s keeping me up at night. I’ve never done a total big girl renovation – one that costs a LOT […]

DIY Painted Wood Backdrop Thingy


Some of you might remember when I shared this project the first time around, last Fall. It got lost when my OLD site was hacked, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of questions about it, so thought I’d share it again. Basically: 1. I took a couple pieces of wood and cut them to the […]