‘Be Brave’ Arrow Art

DIY arrow art

As you know, I have been a busy bee in my daughter’s room as of late. Like, it consumes my every waking thought. Then I go to sleep thinking about it. Not even kidding. This happens to me whenever I makeover a room. I eat, sleep, breathe it, until every detail makes me happy. If […]

A Happy Little Accident and The Traveling Bench Moves Again!

chair makeover

So my mom recently gave me an old chair. It was going to be perfect next to my daughter’s little school desk…or so I thought. I’ll get to that… It was a yard sale find a while back, and she never used it – just needed some TLC. I painted it white and took some […]

Another $10 School Desk Makeover

school desk makeover

Things are moving along in my big girl’s room! You might remember when I found that adorable school desk for my younger daughter’s room for $10? In that post, I mentioned that I bought two – one for my other daughter’s room as well. I kept it in its original state for the younger one’s […]

Throwing a Stress Free and Dollar Tree Spring Birthday Party!

Easy Spring Bday Party

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I like a simple kids birthday party. When they were little, I used to go nuts, stressing myself out…and WHY?! They can’t tell you one detail about their second birthday party, and I bet I spent hundreds of dollars and probably pulled out a few hairs […]

Back and Mom and Dad’s: Painting Black Interior Doors

budget foyer makeover

Recently I’ve been helping Mom and Dad spruce up their foyer. First, Mom had a $5 yard sale table that needed fixing up – remember this? If you missed it, you can check out all the details here. Well, we did just a couple other little things…that made a HUGE impact. Found a new rug. […]

Giving an Old Desk New Life…and Progress in the Big Girl Room!

Old Desk, New Life

We are ROCKING AND ROLLING over here on my oldest’s room makeover. This is what happens when you’re hosting a big holiday party in a couple weeks – you feel the need to finish projects so your house isn’t in total disarray when there’s a bunch of people over. Really gave me the kick in […]

Giving the Master Bedroom a New Look…Thanks to Jimmy Fallon

new bedroom makeover

Yes, that’s right. Not only is he completely adorable and hilarious, the man is now responsible for my choices in decor. You’re probably scratching your head at this point, so let me explain. Back when I finished our master bedroom makeover, I liked it, but something was just not right. Couldn’t really place what it was, […]

Pottery Barn Inspired Superhero Sign…for free!

DIY Superhero sign

Sometimes it really pays to be a procrastinator. I posted on my Facebook page – like, over a year ago at least – this adorable sign I spotted in my Pottery Barn Kids catalog… SO SO cute, right?! Especially for my superhero obsessed 5 year old son. Well, it hit me over the weekend that I […]

DIY Bunny Garland and a Touch of Spring in the Dining Room

DIY bunny garland

My girlfriends came over last week for our monthly Craft Night (post to come soon!). I decided to make a super easy, super cheap, super quick craft: a bunny garland. All I needed was a few sheets of cardstock! I had everything else -scissors, glue stick, a hole punch, a stapler and jute. That’s all […]

February 2015 Round-Up


Whew! It was a busy February around here… In case you missed anything, I’ve got it all bundled up in one neat little post:) I started the month moving the plate wall… I love it so much more in this little spot. Then I made a DIY sign proclaiming my love for coffee… …that’s just […]