Summertime Meal Planning

chopped veggies

I got a text from one of my friends the other day – she asked me how I stay motivated to cook healthy meals for my family in the lazy Summer months. Then I got chatting with a friend at the pool yesterday about this very thing. Figured, maybe it’d be a good post?! I […]

Summer Snapshots and How My Girlfriends Make Me a Better Mom


Wow, sitting here at the laptop writing my first blog post in what feels like an eternity! Sorry for the silence on my end, but it’s been quite a summer. I can’t even believe the sweet messages I’ve gotten from some of you – thank you for missing me! I thought maybe I’d share what’s […]

June 2015 Roundup

june 2015

Well hello there! Long time, no post;) If you haven’t guessed, I turn into a mighty bad little blogger come Summertime. I’ve got the kids home from school and there’s just far too much fun to be had outdoors than to make them stay inside while Mommy paints, know what I mean? And sadly, I don’t […]

An Open Shelves Update

new kitchen look

Making a few little changes in the kitchen… Because it’s been a hot minute, after all;) I’ll keep you posted on the craziness, but it’s all started with painting the backs of the open shelves. Once upon a time, these kitchen cabinets looked like this: Then, about a decade ago, I was into a dark […]

No-Sew Curtains from Ikea Tea Towels!

DIY no sew curtains

Soooo… We’re doing a basement redo now;) Basically, our basement had a split personality. It was half Ravens Man Cave, half kid playroom. The playroom part was (once upon a time) filled with BIG stuff – train table, activity table, giant blocks, a library – all that cute baby/kid craziness that can take up an entire […]

From Nursery to The Big Boy Room: The Reveal!

big boy room

PEOPLE. It. Is. DONE! My soon-to-be six year old no longer lives in a room of baby giraffes! I went digging in my photos to find some from way back when and found these gems: (gotta love a flash and point and shoot camera. OUCH). (Those dark brown curtains lasted about a week before I went […]

Let’s Talk Throws: My Favorite Tips When Buying Pillows and Blankets

throw pillow tips

It’s a little ridiculous how excited I get about throw pillows. Like, SO. EXCITED. My husband doesn’t get it – he’d love a throw pillow free couch any day of the week. God love him though, he has to put up with a LOT of throws around this joint. It’s part of who I am. Love […]

Sometimes You Need a Change…

painted end table

Ever have something that once looked awesome, but over time, as things change (and you change!), you feel like it’s just not vibing anymore? That’s what happened to me last week when I was looking in my family room. I had just bought a few new throw pillows for Summer (sharing soon!) and this end […]

Easy, 5-Minute DIY Flag Banner

Easy 5 minute DIY Flag Banner

If you’re looking for a way to show some patriotic pride in your decor, and have five minutes to spare, I have got you covered with this incredibly easy project. This is SO crazy easy, and if you’re like me, you might have everything you need in your house RIGHT NOW! While going through my Summer decor bins […]

May 2015 Round-up!

May 2015 Roundup

A Round-up post ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH?! Who is this person?!!! 😉 Here’s everything from the CRAZY busy but wonderful month of May, in case you missed anything! Started out the month with the fastest “makeover” EVER…a plastic crab + gold spray paint = instant fanciness: Then, I framed a few handwritten recipes […]