DIY Sleigh Bells Ring Pillow Cover

Sleigh bells ring

Before I get into my DIY pillow cover, I just wanted to share my gratitude for YOU on this Thanksgiving Eve.  YOU. You wonderful person reading this right now. You took a couple minutes out of your busy day to click this link and you inspire me every day. You keep me going with your words, […]

Joy! My First Christmas Craft of the Season

JOY craft

Yes, I did it. The Christmas crafts are officially upon us, and I tackled my first one over the weekend. It was funny – I had just walked in the house from a Friendsgiving feast with our best friends and I kid you not – the DIY Leaf Garland that has yet to fall ONCE […]

Our Freebie DIY Dartboard Project

DIY dartboard project

Wow. So my last post was eerily timely, huh? But just as I said in that post, I will continue to go forth and blog…while I pray and pray…and pray some more for Paris and the rest of this world of ours. God bless. If you recall from the Basement Makeover Post, there were too […]

Because It’s So Much More Than Decorating…


Not too long ago, as I was logging onto Facebook to share a new blog post, I noticed my newsfeed was filled with all kinds of sadness. A school shooting, a plane crash, a bombing…I felt a little silly posting about my latest project. How trivial, I thought.  When you see all the problems in […]

For the Love of Poufs


Got a nice new addition to our family room last week. Well, actually two. And I love them so much I had to blog about it. I’ve been wanting some of those adorable cozy-sweater-looking poufs for a long time now. But it was always one of those, “I’m already spending a jillion dollars at Target […]

From Drab to Fab: Adding trim to Cabinets

adding trim to cabinets

Oh MAN you guys! I’m so excited about this post I can’t even tell you! It’s been something I’ve wanted to do forEVER and I finally bit the bullet last week and tackled it! BY MYSELF!!! Usually when there’s a big project (which pretty much means anything more involved than say, a) hot glue gun b) […]

October 2015 Roundup!


So I must have blinked. I mean, WHERE OH WHERE did October even go?! It was a crazy busy (and equally fun!) month. Some big projects went down in the ND house over those 31 days. Let’s take a look, in case you missed anything, shall we? First, the Kid Art Gallery Wall. The kids are […]

Don’t Forget the Doors! (And Railing…and knobs)


This – what I’m about to blog about right this very second – is something I almost overlooked. Something I almost wasn’t going to worry about. It’s not that big of a deal, I said. It won’t make that big a difference, I said. HA! If I only knew… Details, friends. It’s those small touches that […]

Tips on Buying The Perfect Rug

new rug

Oh rugs. They’re so overwhelming to shop for, aren’t they? It’s so hard to make a decision, because well, first of all, there are so many to choose from. And if it’s a large one, it’s gonna cost you a good chuck o’ change, and who wants to live with regret if you make the […]

DIY Chalkboard Menu

DIY chalkboard menu

Yes. It’s another chalkboard. In my defense, this is just an UPDATE TO AN EXISTING CHALKBOARD. So technically – technically – I’m not adding any more here, I’m just making one a little way more awesome. We have a chalkboard menu in our kitchen. Might’ve been one of THE very first “naptime” projects – and you […]