Meaningful Kitchen Art: Gram’s Framed Recipes

framed grandmother's recipes

We pretty much hit the jackpot when we ‘found’ our home. It was more like our home found us. This was my grandparents’ house once upon a time. The house I’d visit on holidays and pop in for Sunday visits. Never in my wildest dreams did I think one day it would be the house I […]

Plastic Crab + Gold Spray Paint = Awesome Glam Goodness

gold spray painted crab

This may be my quickest and shortest post and project yet. This project took all of 5 minutes. This post will actually take longer to type than this project took to create;) My mom picked up this cute plastic crab at some cute shop recently. She had to buy it, because, well, we’re Marylanders. And when […]

Think Outside The (Clearance!) Box

lamp makeover

You know I love me a good deal! So naturally, when I spotted this lamp in the clearance aisle at Target for $7.54, I had to grab it. Now, there is no room in our house with that teal color in it. But that concrete looking base just screamed “Boy’s Room” to me. And with […]

An Easy DIY Headboard (for $7!)

DIY Headboard for $7

As you might know, I’ve FINALLY started working on my son’s room. He’ll be 6 in a couple months, and been living with his baby giraffe nursery for a *little* too long;) It’s time. I haven’t found a cute bed or headboard yet – and you know I like to wait until I find just […]

Making a Tiny Wall Serve a Big Purpose: Organizing Sports Equipment

organizing sports gear

Last week I was at Marshall’s with my mom. (Shocking, I know!) I spotted this…I don’t even know what you’d call it, except pure awesomeness. It’s a light blue-grey-weathered-looking-container-type-thing-with-hooks. See, told you I don’t know what to call it. It was on the bottom shelf, sitting all alone and easy to miss. It was almost […]

When Inspiration Strikes: A DIY Glass Cloche

DIY Glass Cloche

You just never know when inspiration will strike, do you? This morning, I had NO idea I’d have myself a fancy glass cloche sitting on my coffee table come lunchtime, but I do. You see, I was just clearing out my messy china cabinet this morning – it was getting out of control – and […]

March 2015 Roundup

March 2015 Roundup

Holy moly was March a BUSY month! In case you missed any of my posts – I’ve wrapped them all up in one neat little post for ya! Let’s get down to business, shall we? I started the month with a post on a VERY frequently asked question – how to style bookcases. I share […]

DIY No-Sew Ruler Table Runner

DIY No-Sew Ruler Table Runner

So I saw this adorable table runner in Country Living magazine a while ago – it looked like a ruler and was made from a drop cloth! I knew it would make such a cute DIY project someday. That day finally came last week. Our burlap runner had been on the table for years, and […]

Shine! A DIY Dry Erase Board

big girl room makover

You might remember my younger daughter’s room makeover included this DIY dry erase board: Every once in a while I have a crazy idea that actually pans out and I’m really proud of…this was one of them. All three of my kids play CONSTANTLY on this thing, so I knew I had to create a […]

The Tale of the $10 Bed: Painting a Headboard and Footboard

painting a bed

I was in the very beginning stages of my daughter’s bedroom makeover when I turned on my computer, went to Facebook, and a friend who lives like 5 houses down the street, posted this maple headboard AND footboard on our town’s local yard sale page. It was for a full size bed. My daughter has […]