Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

dresser makeover

Because nothing stays the same around here for too long, I changed up my husband’s dresser…AGAIN. When we moved into our house almost 10 years ago, we bought a grown-up bedroom set and we were so excited. Look at us! We’re like, REAL ADULTS, buying a whole matching set from a REAL furniture store…like, it […]

Moving Things Around the House: My New Cubbies


If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen this pic I posted of my new little cubbies I got from Michaels: So cute, right?! I bought them with a particular wall in mind. We’re in the midst of our master bedroom makeover and this one little wall would be perfect for them! Only, when […]

January 2016 Round-up!

January 2016 Collage

It was kind of a quiet month around here. Beginning to do a bunch of projects, but not completing much…still, you know I love to share what went down in one neat little post in case you missed anything! The month started off with my love affair with Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It was chosen as their […]

If It Ain’t Broke…The Search for the Perfect Bedroom Color is Over. For Now.

Bedroom Paint Color

Oh you guys. I’ve been trying SO hard. For what seems like forever, I’ve been on the hunt for THE perfect bedroom color. Lucky for me, I’ve got about a jillion and one paint samples in my laundry room, so it’s not hard to slap some shades on the wall. I knew I wanted to […]

A Cutting Board + Kitchen Stool = A Table?

kitchen stool table

You may think I’ve completely gone off my rocker with this one, folks. You see, we got a new bed last Fall. We went from queen to king, and when that happened, our large nightstands no longer fit. We basically have only one wall to place our bed, due to bathrooms and closets and all […]

DIY Boxwood Wreath Update: The Verdict Is In…

DIY boxwoods

Super quick post for inquiring minds… When I made my Freebie DIY Boxwoods last November, none of us knew how they’d pan out. Would they even make it a couple weeks? Through Christmas? I didn’t know, but I promised you I’d keep you in the loop. It is now January 18th, and this photo was […]

The Dining Room in January

January dining room

If you read my last post, you know how much I’m crushing on the simplicity of my January decor. The dining room is no exception. Taking down all the Christmas decorations…the greens, the reds…they were so beautiful, but it was time and I was ready to get down to just the basics again. It just feels […]

Dear January, I’m So Sorry…

January decor

So I finally got around to taking down the Christmas decorations. Usually I HATE this chore. It makes my house look so darn sad and pathetic and bare. I get all grumpy and blah. Oh January. You’ve always been my least favorite. (Sorry, all you January babies – nothing against you, promise!) But this year…this year […]

A Chair for the Big Girl Room

comfy chair for girl's room

Ever since I finished my daughter’s Big Girl Room, I’ve been looking for a beanbag chair for a particular corner of her room. It just looked like it needed something, but MAN! It was hard. You see, it’s a spot right next to her bold coral dresser, so it couldn’t be anything too in your […]

Driftwood DIY Wedding Sign

driftwood sign

Recently I discovered this gem at Hobby Lobby: They sell these awesome bundles of driftwood! I know, right?! They come in a couple sizes – that pic shows the long ones, which I used for the H in my “Home” letters: But they also sell smaller ones. I was so excited when I spotted them, […]