Family Room Makeover at Mom and Dad’s: Tackling a Tough Layout

Mom's family room makeover

My mom wanted to make some changes to their family room recently. The couch was falling apart, and they decided to get hardwoods, since that was the only room without them on the main floor. And as we all know, it’s the whole “when you give a mouse a cookie” thing that happens oh so […]

My first attempt at string art: Maryland edition

string art

Have you been seeing all those adorable string art projects floating around blogland and Pinterest lately? I’ve wanted to try one for a while now, and thought it’d make a potential fun Craft Night idea, so I decided to give it a go. I took zippy photos before and during, because I kinda felt like it […]

The Musical Trunk gets the Perfect new Home in the basement


I think one of my very favorite things is moving furniture around my house and giving it new life somewhere else. It’s so much fun! You might remember during my bedroom makeover post, how I mentioned that the trunk at the foot of our bed just wasn’t vibing with me? This trunk – the one […]

We Have Chairs!

new chairs

The search is OVER, friends! You might have seen this photo recently either on my Instagram or Facebook page, of our sad little chairless family room… Yes, our chevron chairs went to live with our nephews a few weeks back. I know, I know, a lot of you liked them. But we needed more function […]

Red, White, and Blue Wreath…Using Trash?!

patriotic punch wreath

I’m pretty pumped about this one, folks. My husband was about to toss some old jeans last week. They were covered in holes…and not the cute kind that is popular now, you know, the ripped ones we PAY good money for (guilty – I am actually wearing a pair and have several more in my […]

Let’s Talk Yard Sales: I Don’t Leave Without…

yard sale finds

It’s that time of year again! My favorite: Yard Sale Season! You never know what you’ll find when you pull up to a yard sale, but I wanted to share with you what I always seem to grab when I see them sitting there. There are certain things that that I know I can and […]

So I didn’t See this Coming…


Life sure is funny, isn’t it? Here I was, a stay-at-home-mom having fun blogging about decorating my house during my kids’ naptime. And now I’m sitting here at my desk, looking at a stack of business cards and scheduling in clients for consultations and Craft Nights. BUSINESS CARDS. CLIENTS. CALENDARS. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!!! Yes, […]

Our Master Bedroom Makeover: The Reveal!


Wooooohoooo!!!! It is DONE, people. And we are thrilled! Been a long time coming, but finally I can tell you, our master bedroom makeover is complete and you can’t see me, but I’m totally doing a happy dance right now;) Can we just go ahead and dive right on in with pictures? Pretty please? Because I […]

From Boring Bi-folds to Plank French Doors: The Closet Makeover

closet door makeover

I almost titled this The Big, Scary, Questionable-Until-the-Very-End Closet Makeover…because that’s exactly what this was. I had this wacky idea, ran it by my husband…got the raised eyebrows. Looked it up online…found nothing. Plank closet doors… Shiplap closet doors… Securing plywood to closet doors… Closet Doors look like Plank Wall… Make closet doors look like […]

Making a Free Nightstand: The Suitcase Table

suitcase table

Sharing another glimpse into the ‘so-close-yet-so-far-away’ master bedroom today. We were going full steam, then life seemed to get in the way. Only two more things to do, but they’re kinda big projects. I’m hoping I’ll be writing my big reveal post sometime in the next couple weeks, but we shall see… In the meantime, […]