Let’s ‘Create!’ DIY Dry Erase Board


So I’ve been working on my girl’s room, as you probably know by now. It’s coming along, and the end product in my head could be my favorite room I’ve ever done. SERIOUSLY. She might come home from school to see me just hangin’ out in here. So far, I’ve painted her room with yellow […]

Little Girl’s Gallery Wall for Under $10 (and a striped room!)


As you know from my last post, I’ve been working on my daughter’s room lately. Her room hasn’t been done since her nursery days, when the paint was a sweet lavender (Sherwin Williams Wisteria), had all white furniture. It was cute. Fast forward six years, and her walls were filled with stickers, marker (she’s a […]

Making Something Out of Nothing: Thrifty Art


I love a good thrifty project, don’t you? Gives me so much satisfaction when I make something cute out of next to nothing. If you do too, then keep on reading, friend! So I’m working on my middle’s room. And my youngest…and my oldest…I know, I have a problem. Can’t seem to get ANY of […]

The Horrible Selfie That Makes Me Cry…And Why I Won’t Delete It

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I was looking through old pictures on the computer yesterday, on a mission for a certain project. Going through those files always brings so many feelings to the surface.  I instantly put them into categories: -Way Before Diagnosis -Super Sick Time Leading Up To Diagnosis -The Time of Diagnosis -Post Diagnosis I stumbled upon a […]

Little Girl’s Vanity Makeover


One of the benefits of writing a DIY blog is that family members often think of you when they’re getting rid of furniture. Basically, you get lots of free stuff, since they know you love breathing new life into pieces they once loved, but have either outgrown or fallen out-of-love with. Like this vanity my […]

A Two Dollar Fall Wreath?! Yes, Please!


Before we go any further, in case inquiring minds were wondering…I painted the door Pavestone (AKA Choice #3). It’s a gorgeous color – loved it so much I painted my interior doors the same shade! It’s not *the* best from the outside though. It’s perfectly fine…it just won’t knock any socks off or anything. But […]

Paint Those Doors! (…and why I had to let go of my pretty blue one)


Remember last year when I painted that interior door blue? It was such a fun color – I loved it. BUT…one thing always bugged me about it. That particular hallway has a bajillion-and-one doors. Ok, slight exaggeration. More like four. But it’s a tiny hallway, so it feels like a bajillion-and-one. There’s a bathroom, a […]

Craft Night: Let’s Get Organized!


Last week was my monthly craft night with the girls and we chose organization as our theme. I mean, who couldn’t use a little more order in their life, amIright? Being that I could no longer see what color my dresser was these days, I made the jewelry organizer I posted the other day… But […]

Old Framed Picture Turned Jewelry Organizer


Lately, the top of my dresser has been hiding… …under my jewelry! Seriously. It was getting out of control. I just didn’t have any place to put it all, so I knew it was time to figure this out. I wish I had taken a picture of it so you could see just how bad […]

DIY Giant Rustic Chalkboard


My son’s room could be the slowest makeover in the history of makeovers. How long have I been talking about this?! Pretty sure we’re onto years now. Every time I get on a roll, I get sidetracked and move onto something else. Not that I don’t want to work on his room, but when I […]