What I Want for My Kids At Christmas


Yesterday, my aunt posted a TBT (Throwback Thursday) picture. From many years ago, on Christmas night at my grandparents’ house. Those nights were magical, in every sense of the word. It was like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting – Mom Mom was a master pianist, and just humming a song for her for […]

DIY Tree Art


Before our family room makeover, I used to have this gold tree thing hanging above the sofa with pictures around it. Never liked it all that much, but I held onto it – I had a hunch it could work one day…with a little spray paint or something. That day came yesterday! I’ve had this […]

December Craft Night: Wintery Goodness


Like I said before…I am SO behind this year! Craft Night was almost two weeks ago, and I’m just now finding the time to share these goodies with you! I shared my wreath last week that I made, but here’s some awesomesauce from my girlfriends for ya! Check out this amazing reindeer – a paper […]

Christmas Chalkboard


You might remember my Fall chalkboard? The one with all the Fall words? Once upon a time, it was just a boring brass picture frame. I spray painted the glass insert with a few coats of chalkboard spray paint, and painted the frame a nice blue-grey color. Makes for the perfect seasonal decor, as I […]

Dining Room Centerpiece: Charlie Brownish Wine Bottle Edition


Once you see our centerpiece, that title will make perfect sense;) I went with a VERY simple one this year. It involves last year’s DIY Yarn-Wrapped Wine Bottles, some branches from Michaels, and a few ornaments. (That wine bottle post got lost when my old blog got hacked apparently, because I can’t find it anywhere:(. […]

Christmas Wreath


So remember how I mentioned in my Wrapped Door post that I tried a wreath on the front door and it just wasn’t the eye catcher I thought it’d be? It ended up being perfect for my side door though, and it was SO easy to make. You don’t even need to get the glue […]

Wrapped for the Holidays: My Front Door


As you may know, I painted our front door recently – it’s a greyish color, and very…nice. But nothing that’s gonna knock your socks off or anything. So I feel like I need to step up my game when it comes to the wreaths that adorn it. I made a festive Christmasy wreath this week […]

No Craftiness Required: Spruced Up Curtains!


I’ve got a project – wait – not sure this even qualifies as a *project* – it’s THAT simple. Anyway, whatever you wanna call it, here’s a 5 minute curtain update that even the least crafty person can master like a boss. Once upon a time, my daughter had doors on her closet. They somehow […]

How to Make a Cheap and Easy Christmas Sign


I decided to try something different around my kitchen window this year for Christmas. We’ve got some plans (nothing major, but some fun stuff in store;) ) for the kitchen – and  one of them involves adding molding around the window and rattan blinds to match the rest of the house. Valance is goin’ dowwwwn. […]

No-Sew DIY Magnetic Fabric Door Shade


Whew! That’s a mouthful of a title, hug?! Just callin’ it like it is, people. You see, once upon a time, I had these incredibly blah – oh, and UNmatched curtains in my kitchen. Yes, they’ve been up for oh, about 9 years. And I JUST noticed – scratch that – my HUSBAND just noticed […]