The Official Last Blog Post…(here anyway!)

Wow. Has it really been close to a year since I wrote that blog post about taking my break from blogging? The years just keep flying faster and faster, don’t they? If you’re on social media, you have probably heard the news by now, but I figured I should write one last ND post for […]

Adding Character with A German Smear Faux Brick Wall

Well hellooooo! I have missed you! I know I said goodbye in January, but had a feeling maybe I’d pop in from time to time if I had a fun project to share, or something in my heart I wanted to say…welp, this is the time! I just finished up a project over here that […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Forgive me if this post is a whole lot of rambling, but I really don’t know where this post is exactly headed at the moment. I wanted to check in, because it’s been SO. LONG. since my last post. I am still alive, still here…but having a lot of feelings and thoughts about so many […]

When Life Throws a Curveball…

This isn’t a decorating post. It’s not a Favorite Things Friday post either. But it’s something my heart is telling me to share. Forgive me if I’m all over the place – feeling a lot of feels right now. (I shared this on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday, but I know I have readers that […]

Favorite Things Friday #21

I have to start off by saying a huge THANK YOU for your kind words about the Cloffice! As I sit here typing up this post, my heart is filled with just so much gratitude. You all are so kind and I’m so glad you like it as much as we do! I’m hoping this […]

Another Chapter Begins…

I caught a glimpse of you this morning. You were standing outside, waiting for the bus a few minutes early. Just like me, you woke up early with anticipation for today and had time to spare. It’s what we do. You had a bag with your sweater – in case you get chilly – and […]

The Upstairs Hallway: What a Difference a Weekend Makes

I got a wild hair about a month or so ago and decided to give some much needed attention to our upstairs hallway. I don’t know about you, but I tend to focus much more on the main floor of our home since that’s where we spend most of our time. And this poor hallway […]

Making a Free Nightstand: The Suitcase Table

Sharing another glimpse into the ‘so-close-yet-so-far-away’ master bedroom today. We were going full steam, then life seemed to get in the way. Only two more things to do, but they’re kinda big projects. I’m hoping I’ll be writing my big reveal post sometime in the next couple weeks, but we shall see… In the meantime, […]

Yet Another Look For My Husband’s Dresser

Because nothing stays the same around here for too long, I changed up my husband’s dresser…AGAIN. When we moved into our house almost 10 years ago, we bought a grown-up bedroom set and we were so excited. Look at us! We’re like, REAL ADULTS, buying a whole matching set from a REAL furniture store…like, it […]

The Dining Room at Christmastime: 2015

As you may know, our dining room has probably gone through more makeovers than any room in this house! It used to be dark, then light, then colorful, now…it has a more rustic, natural vibe. (You can see all the different looks in this post). So this year, I traded in the bright aquas and […]