Favorite Things Friday #21

I have to start off by saying a huge THANK YOU for your kind words about the Cloffice! As I sit here typing up this post, my heart is filled with just so much gratitude. You all are so kind and I’m so glad you like it as much as we do! I’m hoping this sweet little nook will inspire me to provide more and more fun projects for you – I think it’s already working, as I have already started a couple brand new hallway projects that popped into my head yesterday and there’s already a new coat of paint on the walls! More on that to come…;)

For today, let’s chat about some fun favorites!

1. Oui Yogurt

Couple reasons this is my jam lately. 1. This “French Style” yogurt is a really yummy consistency. I’d never tried it before, and it’s de-lightful. Super creamy, a little firmer than regular yogurt. I’m a greek yogurt fan myself, and this is kinda sorta in that direction, but not quite. It’s a nice texture surprise:) 2. The flavor is at the bottom, which I like because I can control how much to add. I don’t like super sweet yogurt, so just dip my spoon a little in the bottom and it’s plenty of flavor with less sugar. The coconut and key lime are my faves. And 3. The cute glass containers are perfect for crafts! I’ve used a couple of them in the cloffice for clothespins and markers, and my daughter and her friend painted some yesterday for crayons! Adorable!

(She taped some green construction paper to the inside to look like a pineapple! I thought that was so clever!)


2. Yellow Tulips

My oldest left for an overnight field trip on Monday morning. She was supposed to be gone 3 days (we didn’t know it, but snow would be bringing her home earlier!), and my younger daughter was having quite the time with it. The tears when they said goodbye and the notes she left in her suitcase just broke yet melted my heart. These two little girls are inseparable and it was so hard on my younger daughter that the school nurse called me to come pick her up because her tummy was bothering her. I got her from school, even though my mommy instinct knew she was fine, and we went directly to the store to buy some yellow tulips. I told her sometimes when I’m down, I buy myself some tulips – preferably yellow but really any will do – and it almost always cheers me up. She gave me the slightest smile, and we went home.  She loves to help me in the kitchen so we made dinner together (she had seconds, so clearly the tummy was just fine;). Not sure if she bought it or not, but I can’t help but picture her years from now, stopping in to buy some yellow tulips after a hard day, and smiling. Because somewhere in the back of her mind, she’ll pull out this memory – the day Mom picked her up from school when she was sad and learned of their magical powers.


3. Snow Days

We got quite the Spring Surprise this week, as Maryland got a Spring snowstorm! Schools closed early on Tuesday, and were closed Wednesday and Thursday. And while I am chomping at the bit to see some green grass and bust out my sandals, I have to say, a good snow can do wonders to make one slow down. I did not get out of my pajamas yesterday, and let the messes just pile up around me. Sometimes you need Mother Nature to give you a wake up call to slow the heck down and just embrace some stillness once in a while, right? The kids played outside the entire day, only coming in for hot cocoa, lunch, and dinner, and I looked at my to-do list that is approximately 8,347 items long, and sat it aside. There will be time for all of that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, dear friends! The snow was fun, but here’s to the white stuff melting and warmer weather on the horizon…it’s coming, I can feel it! 🙂


  1. Rondell Konat says:

    I use the little glass jars for candle holders, I have one on my mantel now! So cute with them painted too!

  2. I’m collecting my Oui jars for seed starters. I plan to gift them to my kids’ teachers for the end of the school year. After seeing this, I may have the boys paint them first. 🙂

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