Finding a “New” Nightstand in An Unexpected Spot

The master bedroom makeover is so close I can almost taste it, friends. Only things left really are the closet doors (it’s a doozy of a project), and finishing the baseboards. CANNOT. WAIT. I know you’re excited too, from the comments and messages you send me – and I LOVE you for it:) My readers really, truly are the best, I’ve always said that!

As you know, I started thinking outside the traditional nightstand box in this room. We got that big king size bed, which really was the catalyst for this entire new room. The older (larger) nightstands we had no longer fit with this monster. It was hard to find a table that was thin and tall enough for the space, but didn’t look swallowed up by the bed. And still allowed room to squeeze by into our bathroom.

So I got creative and made that kitchen stool/cutting board table. And the more the room was shaping up, the less I liked it. You know when you have a vision in your head and something is keeping that vision from happening but you can’t put your finger on it? Well, when I removed the stool, I could see it. THAT was the problem. But oh goodness, when you’re working on a budget, you can’t exactly run out and drop a few hundred bucks on a table.

I sat and thought and sat and thought.


We have this little itty table that my sister gave me a few years back – it sits on a skinny little wall in our dining room. This guy:

plate wall

(Here’s the post if you wanna see some cool before and afters)

Wellll, that table isn’t exactly vital to the dining room. But it IS tiny. That thing will look crazy next to our big ol’ bed. But just for the fun of it, I had to see how it looked. I carried it upstairs and when I saw the white, it just felt right.

Now, how to make this table…um, grow?

I’ve got it!

The cutting board from the kitchen stool table? I stuck it on there. It gave the table more surface area, plus added over an inch to the height. This could work! I gave it a quick chippy white look, and holy cow, I may have just solved this problem!


See what I mean – that door on the left is the bathroom. Close quarters!

Here’s the table before the cutting board top:


Pretty tiny.

And here’s how it looks now:


Right now, the board is just sitting on there, but I’ll get around to securing it somehow.

And we’re not even missing the table in the dining room! It didn’t really hold a purpose, other than looking cute;) It’s such a tiny wall, it’s not like it even has to have a piece of furniture there anyway, you know?

Love shopping my home, and LOVE scoring a “new” nightstand for FREE!


Thanks for your patience, friends – hopefully we’ll get some big stuff done this weekend in here and the reveal will be up sooner than later! XO


  1. Love it ! And loving your plank walls thinking of trying it in our kitchen dining area when we redo the kitchen .

  2. Lynn Haag says:

    Great idea! I have the same cutting boards from IKEA but of course I never thought of repurposing it! Looks great as always!

  3. Sherri S. says:

    Can’t wait to see your room completed. Perfect night stand. It looks great!


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