The Headboard That Was Meant To Be

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First of all, thank you for your headboard opinions on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago. In case you missed all that, we recently got a new king sized bed (which in and of itself, can I just say: BEYOND. EXCITING.). So that put me in the “what the heck to pick for a headboard?” conundrum. And then I realized YES! It’s time to get that cozy tufted upholstered dreamy delicious light grey one I’ve always imagined…

Woohoo, people! THAT was thisclose to happening. Until…

The mattress and box spring was delivered and holy cow is that thing tall! I mean, I pretty much need a step stool to get in and out of bed every day. It just about reaches the windowsill.

I pictured the big, glorious, tufted, upholstered, dreamy headboard and it hit me.

That thing was gonna steal my sunshine! I mean, it actually was. It would completely block most of the window, and I’m a sucker for natural light. Cannot get enough. So there went my tufted upholstered dream. There’s no other wall to put the bed, so rearranging is out of the question. I wasn’t too bummed, because I do love a metal bed. We had one before, with our queen, and waking up in the morning with sunlight streaming through and a soft breeze when it’s windows-open weather ain’t too shabby. I started googling, and found one that jumped out at me. The price was right, the color was just slightly off (but there’s always oil rubbed bronze spray paint), and it was not going to get in the way of my sunshine and breezy mornings (and nights – is there anything better?!). Sounds like a perfect way to go.

So I sent this link to my husband….

He liked it. He liked the price.

But, as is the case whenever I buy a big purchase, I still needed to exhaust my googling.

I stumbled across a link to the bedroom of The Lettered Cottage, one of my favorite blogs. Her bedroom is gorgeous AND so similar to my vision. Plank wall – check. Bamboo blinds – check. Tan curtains – check. Metal headboard – check. I started feeling like Layla and I are long lost sisters or something…and THEN! Then she starts talking about beds in front of windows, not wanting to block the light – I mean, IT WAS LIKE I WROTE THE POST! My jaw dropped when I saw the bed she chose. It looked so much like the link I just sent my husband. AND THEN! She starts talking about spray painting the bed – are you ready – OIL RUBBED BRONZE. I mean, seriously. Just crazy. I started feeling very good about my decision.

It gets even wackier.

A loooong time ago, when I got my single girl apartment and was dating my future husband, I wanted this super expensive Pottery Barn bed. I still remember the name of it: the Mendocino. It was wayyyy out of my price range, but I couldn’t stop dreaming about it. Well, you can probably guess what happens next.

Layla goes on about how the bed she wanted was the freaking MENDOCINO but didn’t want to spend that much money so she found one online that was similar. I looked at the bed she went with (which is now discontinued) and the bed I just sent my husband…and they looked pretty much exactly the same. So I suppose my love of the Mendocino bed hasn’t wavered in 15 years, nor has my refusal to spend a fortune on decor. Some things never change, I suppose.

I sent the link to my husband and even he was shocked at how similar the PB bed, her bed, and our (future) bed look. So 5 minutes later, he sent me the confirmation and it would arrive in 3 days. He’s the best, right?

The best part? The PB version would’ve set us back $1300 PLUS $150 surcharge.

The one we went with? $161. And free shipping (thank you Amazon Prime!).

Now, the finish said “Hammered Brown.” It was slightly – and I mean slightly – more brown than I liked. I spray painted it with my Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and it was perfection. My husband couldn’t even tell the difference, but I can…and I’m thrilled with it.

And here she is!

New headboard

new headboard

Now, onto pillows and bedding and new nightstands and paint and oh lordy, am I going to be busy, busy, busy!

I’m really happy with the headboard decision. I feel like it’s 100% the right choice and we love it.

Almost as much as the new bed…

almost. 😉


  1. I LOVE your new headboard! We currently have a California King bed that we are hoping to switch out to a King after the holiday so I just went onto Amazon and added this to my wish list! You (& your hubby) are the best!

  2. Yep, just added the headboard and footboard to my Amazon Wishlist. Love it!

  3. Michelle Neel says:

    Did you also order the box spring frame from Amazon? If not what did you use?

  4. Where did the floral shams come from?

  5. Any tips on spray painting the oil bronze? Was it easy to do or did you have problems with drip marks? And What brand of paint did you use?

  6. Heather says:

    So glad I saw this post awhile back and added it to my Amazon ‘wish list’. I got the queen sized for $49 on Prime Day!! Absolutely LOVE it! Thank you 🙂

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