Moving the Plate Wall (and Camouflaging a Thermostat!)

Things are a-changin’ in the dining room and I’m loving how things are shaping up! Over the weekend, I switched some things around…the plate wall being one of those things. That post disappeared when my old page got hacked, but it was basically some plastic plates attached to the wall using those nifty command strips. Originally, the plate wall was the small wall by the china cabinet:

plate wall

But I found something SUPER awesome that would be perfect in that spot by the cabinet, PLUS, there’s a tiny wall (the one with the new table) that I’ve been wanting to do something different too – it’s like all the stars were aligning, people! The plate wall would be moving across the room to the tiny wall- yes!

Here’s what the wall looked like (this was when I had gotten the tiny table from my sister and about to paint it – in case you missed that post, you can read all about it here).

plate wall

Ah, the house post Christmas. Who the heck knows what I was throwing on those shelves?! They were a hodge podge, and I just hung new shelves in the dining room on another wall – didn’t want to go shelf overboard (though I could put shelves on every wall in my house and be perfectly content;). So anyway, long story short, I was more than ready to part ways with these little shelves and bring on the plate wall. I picked up a couple more at Target last week, got my command strips out, and in 10 minutes, the wall went from that ‘Before’ to this ‘After’….

plate wall

And a bonus – I think it kinda camouflages the thermostat, no?

plate wall

I mean, sure, it’s definitely still there, but it doesn’t jump out at you, right? (Just say yes and make me feel better, mmkay?) 😉

Two of those plates are hanging on plate hangers, because they’re not plastic, and I just thought I should. But the others, just stuck some strips on them according to the directions on the package, and those suckers aren’t going anywhere.

plate wall


plate wall

It’s so funny – those shelves were not deep at all, only jutted out a few inches – but it’s amazing how much more airy it feels with these nice flat plates up there instead.

And as for those other shelves I mentioned – that’s the coffee bar and it’s *almost* totally done!!!!! Can hardly wait to show you! Stay tuned….


  1. Sherri S. says:

    Looks beautiful, Liz! Yes, absolutely that thermostat is hidden 🙂 So light and fresh looking.

    Praying you have a wonderful week…

  2. Looks so nice! I have a small wall like that and I have the grands pictures there boy, but this has me thinking Liz! I love it and also how you decorate on a dime!

  3. What color is on the wall?

  4. Wow. I love the wall. The plates look AMAZING!! I cannot believe most of them are plastic. Great idea. Looks awesome.

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