Sharpie Magic, a Rockin’ Tray, and The Room That Always Changes

A new blog post? Say whaaaaat? My apologies, dear friends. This might be the longest I’ve ever gone without posting – it’s not that I haven’t been doing stuff FOR the blog, it’s just that I’ve got 274 projects going simultaneously and therefore haven’t had time (or completed any of the 274 projects) to post. They’re all fun, big projects, so they’re a bit more time consuming. I promise you’ll forgive me when they’re done:)

To make up for it, I’m giving you a three-fer today (hence the title).

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

It’ll make more sense if I start by discussing Part Three of the title. You can probably guess which room I’m referring to.


The Dining Room.


I may or may not have a problem. Oh, who am I kidding, of COURSE I have a problem.

I like TOO. MANY. THINGS. And therefore feel the need to change things up every new moon. (What’s with me and the ‘therefores’ in this post?! And ‘hence?’ ‘Shall we?’ Apparently I’ve gotten quite sophisticated in our time apart.)

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I have a slight mild  major obsession with Chip and Jojo. Aka, the genuises on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Which, I’m convinced, if we met we would become INSTANT best friends (all four of us – my husband and Chip would adore each other just as Jojo and I would), we’d decorate together, hit antique stores all the time, hang out, go out to dinner, our kids would be best friends and we’d all live happily ever after in our incredibly beautiful farmhouse together, sipping coffee on our porch while all our children frolic in the yard.

That’s not weird is it?


My point is, after every episode I watch of their show, I’m so inspired that I can’t sleep. I decided I want to bring in more rustic and industrial charm into the dining room, a la Fixer Upper.

So no MAJOR changes in the dining room, just swapping out some of the super bright things for more rustic flair. And note, I said SOME. I’m still obsessed with color, but I’m just toning some of it down. I sold my bright aqua chairs and got some ‘new’ ones (new to me – found them on our local yard sale site, and a friend donated a couple to me that her parents were getting rid of. The luck!). They’re going to be painted soon – one of the 274 projects;)

Let’s discuss Part One now: Sharpie Magic. I’m jumping all over the place today, my apologies.

This was one of those spur of the moment things I attempted this morning, and ten minutes later was done. Had to share.

Here’s the cast of characters:

DIY Monogrammed Napkin Holder

I noticed my napkin holder was very boring. Bought this at Target, and it’s fine and all…just wanted to add something to it.

I had an idea.

Monogram it with our last name initial!

I stuck a sticky note on the holder and discovered it is the exact size of the letter I’d want on there.

monogrammed napkin holder

I found a font I liked on my computer and traced it. Not well, I should add. Seriously, my kindergartener could’ve done better. Didn’t want to press too hard on the computer screen…or at least I’m going with that excuse…

monogrammed napkin holder

I cut out the W, stuck it on the napkin holder, and traced it. With A SHARPIE!?

Monogrammed Napkin Holder

I was going to use paint, and thought to myself ‘why?!’ It’s not like this is going in the dishwasher or anything. Sharpie will do just fine, and it’s much easier to work with.

And here you go!

Sharpie Monogrammed Napkin Holder

Sharpie Monogrammed Napkin Holder

You can see the freebie chairs in the background:)

Oh, and by the way…


Part Two my friends: My Rockin’ Tray.

Bought this beauty at HomeGoods last week. I can’t even tell you how much I love it! It’s THE perfect centerpiece for the new(ish) dining room. Industrial, rustic, fabulous.

DIY Monogram with Sharpie

There you have it. Sharpie Magic, a Rockin’ Tray, and an update on the Room That Always Changes.

Stay tuned for the next of my 273 projects! 🙂


  1. Very cool! I LOVE Fixer Upper too! I find myself up at night watching HGTV and feeling so inspired to paint something or move a piece of furniture from one room to another. It’s so fun!

  2. Christine says:

    I have been following you for a while and love your blog! I have wanted to comment in the past but never have. Like you I have a passion (obsession) for decorating! It is crazy how many things we have in common…we have the same kitchen island (I bought it unfinished 7 years ago and painted it and somehow it looks like yours is the same color 🙂 Same dining room light fixture…I love all of your great ideas…you are such a decorating inspiration!

  3. So cool – love ALL of it! I’ve seen that show a few times but will add it to my list – thx!

  4. Jo Mercer says:

    I’d pick that up once to clean under it an it would smear–sharpies aren’t touch-resistant on glazed pottery.

  5. I love how this looks. I am also starting to add more rustic elements into my home. I don’t want to go all out but adding some natural woods, galvanized pipes, and metals seems to be a fun transition. I love the snow covered sticks.

  6. Jenna Morris says:

    Hello!!! I was just telling my hubby how sad/concerned I was about this really cool blog I loved. I was concerned b/c it just disappeared?!?!? I could find it and it just stopped?!?! Then I decided to get focused and do a google search… And BAM I found you!!!!! What a JOY to read your blog again!!!! Searched your posts to see what happened and read all about it! Yay you’re OK!!!! Any-waaaay, I guess I can’t put you in blogloven? You are gone there too! I subscribed to this so no worries: won’t miss anymore posts! ☺️

    • Thank you Jenna! Yes, the old site was hacked and disappeared:( But I got a brand new site because of it, which is exciting! 🙂 Thanks for looking for me! XO

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