Old Table, New Life

As you may know, I’m making some changes in the dining room. I’ve been on the lookout for a cute little (emphasis on little!) accent table – something that can squeeze into this tiny wall we have in there, and act as a catch-all surface for mail, keys, phone chargers, etc. I’ve got an image in my mind, but I’ve also got a budget, so had to get creative.

I was at my mom’s last week, and spotted this old table that had been collecting dust in her storage for years. It was in my niece’s bedroom once upon a time, when she had a lime green and turquoise theme going on. My sister had given it a cute paint job, perfect for her daughter’s style back then, but once they moved, they no longer needed it for her new bedroom.

And so it sat.

And so naturally I see it sitting there, I texted my sis and asked her if it was up for grabs, and she said go for it!

This would DEFINITELY fit the bill for what I needed, with a little TLC.

Accent table makeover

I mixed some white paint with a little bit of Plaster of Paris, (which helps paint go on without sanding and priming). I didn’t do a spectacular job, because I knew once it dried, I’d be taking it outside with my hand sander and roughing it up a bit.

I bought a new knob – a cool, hammered metal one from Hobby Lobby, and here’s the table now!

accent table makeover

We’re just going to ignore the dust bunnies and skinny 1960s baseboard for now, mmmkay?


Some of the green paint is peeking through, but I kinda figured it would – doesn’t bother me. I didn’t sand the drawer though because I knew turquoise would appear, and as much as I love that color, I didn’t want too much color going on.

accent table makeover

It’s not accessorized as I had intentionally planned on, but you see, there’s snow outside. And kids home. And this mama isn’t leaving the house;) But I wanted to get a post up for you lovely readers, so stay tuned for those updates. I’m working on the wall above it as well and I’ll post as soon as it’s done, cross my heart. If winter ever ends, that is! (If you’re one of my Northeast readers, please stay safe and warm in this blizzard!)

accent table makover

Paint sure is amazing stuff, huh?

table Collage

Love a good freebie makeover! (and my sister:) )




  1. Gabrielle says:

    Love it!! I’m glad you saw it collecting dust, you have it a new home and it couldn’t look better! 🙂

  2. I love it! Turned out great! I can top your dust bunnies anyday:)

  3. super cute and I love the curves on the table (below the drawer). As always, another winner! Stay warm!

  4. Looks awesome! Love!

  5. Natalie says:

    Hello! I’m new to your blog and have read about several of your furniture transformations. I was wondering if you use anything to seal or protect it once it’s all painted? Thanks!

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