Say Hello To My Pretty Plank Wall

One step closer in the Master Bedroom Makeover, friends! Being the romantics that we are, my sweet husband wrapped up the plank wall on Valentine’s Day. I mean, does he know the way to my heart or WHAT?

I won’t go into too much detail this time around, because we pretty much did the exact same thing we did on our basement plank wall. You can click here for the tutorial if you like!

But first up, two weekends ago, we started by ripping out our skinny 1960s baseboard (Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!)…

bedroom plank wall

Then we (and by we, I mean HE) installed nice 5 1/2 inch baseboards in there.

I need a moment.

I could cry that makes me so happy. WHAT a difference that makes.

Ok, I’m good now…

We (again, HE) also framed out the windows (and closet while he was at it) – they were the last remaining two windows in this house that weren’t framed out yet! YAY!!! Only took us ten years! 😉

Once those things were done, we put up the plywood strips (again, just check out the other post for all the deets). We were rocking and rolling…

bedroom plank wall

…until 7pm hit and my pour husband asked if he could stop for the day. I mean, removing and installing baseboards and framing out two windows plus a closet, AND half a plank wall…oh I suppose. 😉 Bless his heart.

We then had an INSANELY busy last weekend but were able to knock it out this Sunday. Of course I had to document the very last nail going into the wall…

plank wall

Then, as we joked in our Fixer Upper talk, he “passed the baton” to me to do the rest;) I filled in the nail holes, caulked around the windows and ceiling and baseboards that night. Monday morning, I sanded the spackle, wiped the dust away, and got painting. I picked up a gallon of Behr Primer and Paint in One, in White. (Yes, that’s a mixed color, not off-the-shelf!). It’s what I used in the basement and it’s just a nice, pure white. Reason I picked up a whole gallon is…we’re far from done with the planks, my friends! *insert evil laugh*. The hallway’s getting a makeover next and, well, I won’t give any more away.

And heeeeeere she is!

bedroom plank wall

Ok, couple quick things. I noticed there’s a dot on all my pics – so if you’re seeing that too, it’s something on my camera lens, not the wall. Also, no idea why that line in the middle towards the bathroom looks all squiggly in this shot?! Weird. Anywho, moving on…

bedroom plank wall

bedroom plank wall

Next up, we’ll add the curtains. The room is far from done, but I figured it’s kinda fun to see the “during” shots too, right? Or maybe that’s my non-patience-having-self justifying my wanting to share with you;)

Anywho, that’s the wall! I’m in love. Seriously. It’s not natural to love a wall this much. But when I walked in there today and the sun was shining, it was so bright and white and beautiful. It honestly made me so happy. Even in it’s crazy bed-in-the-middle-of-the-room-and-everything-in-chaos state, this room is making me swoon. And shouldn’t our master bedroom do just that? Oh, I cannot even WAIT for this room to be finished! I think it might be my favorite:)

Stay tuned, friends!


  1. Suzanne Logan says:

    I really like it, Liz! But I kinda liked it before you painted it, too.

  2. Looks so great! You and your hubby are such a great team (just like JoJo and Chip 🙂 Can’t wait to see the final photos!

  3. Lyssa Bowen says:

    It looks so wonderful! JoJo, herself, would be so proud! I really like that plank wall idea, even if it was just stained. You guys picked out some great pieces of wood!!! I love all the grain. <3 Okay, a few more minutes of drool before I have to get the kids to karate. <3

  4. Looks great! I may have loved it even more before the white paint! But I can’t decide for sure!

  5. It looks awesome! Makes me think of Scandinavian design. LOVE IT!

  6. This is exactly what I want to do in my family room. I wonder if I can distress it in white? Any ideas?

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