Moving Things Around the House: My New Cubbies

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen this pic I posted of my new little cubbies I got from Michaels:


So cute, right?!

I bought them with a particular wall in mind. We’re in the midst of our master bedroom makeover and this one little wall would be perfect for them!

Only, when I went to hang them, I knew instantly they were wrong. Even my husband said he wasn’t sure they belonged there. You know when you just know something isn’t right? That’s how I felt about them in that spot.

But I LOVE them. So I did what I always do in cases like this…I walk all around my house until I figure it out. I look for other places they could go, things I could switch them out with…you get the idea.

I had a crazy idea – one I did NOT see coming at all. That cute bird cage thingy that I LOVE in my family room…

This one?

DIY Book Page Wreath

Welllll, I thought maybe they could trade places! That bird cage thing would look reallllly good in the bedroom, and maybe these shelves will work there?!

So I hung them and filled them with odds and ends around the house until I can collect a couple new things…and turns out, they look pretty cute there!


I still haven’t decided if I’m 100% sold on this particular spot but they definitely aren’t bad here. Just a tad bit lost maybe? But we really want new chairs in this room (something a little more comfy, taller, and bigger than the chevron slipper chairs) so I think once the bigger chairs are in there, they won’t look as lost to me. The taller chairs will fill more space than these do, you know?



(And no, don’t worry, I will NOT be lighting that candle in the top cubbie – it’s merely for show until I pick up a flameless one!! Don’t want to set any houses on fire;) )

By the way – the bird cage thing looks adorable in the bedroom! Can’t WAIT to show you how things are shaping up in there!

So what do you think? Do they look lost or not lost? Should they stay or move? I’ve got a couple other walls in the house they would look great on…I have a feeling this will not be the last place they end up! Whatever the case, they’re adorbs and I love them. 😉


  1. I like it! The wood tones play well with the rug, the window coverings, even the buttons on the pillow. And the decorative elements on the shelves bring some color to the walls (green plant, pink accents in the book jackets, etc.). Great job!

  2. I really like those on that wall as its a corner that may people mught leave blank but the cubbies actually bring the corner to life! Great job!

  3. Caroline Hang Hong says:

    They actually looked really good piled on the floor! You could secure them one on top of the other at angles and use them as a nightstand/occasional table…

    • If they were bigger, I’m totally with you!:) They’re actually pretty small. It’d be one teeny tiny table! 😉

  4. Leigh Anne says:

    What paint color did you use in this room?

  5. I think they look great there. Perfect for that whole corner. 🙂


  6. Does that mean that the SW sea salt is lightened by 75%? I have same color in my bathroom. Love it!!

  7. Love your blog and ideas!! I found the same shelves and going to do the same! Where did you find the keys?

  8. You have a really good “eye” and you are so creative! I like the “cubbies” and think they look really great on that wall. If it were me, I would probably make them part of a grouping; they look just a little lonely on that wall by themselves.

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