June 2017 Roundup!

Wow, feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a round-up post…not sure why?! When I realized it’s the last day of June today, I thought maybe I should bring the round-up posts back. I mean, we’re all busy people living our busy lives and I’m sure you don’t check this page every day…or every week…or […]

March 2016 Roundup!

It’s April! Yay! We still have some cold days ahead (7 day forecast is NOT too promising around here), but at least once that calendar flips to April it feels like beautiful days CAN’T be far behind, right?! I always like to reflect on the past month and lump all the posts into one neat […]

February 2016 Roundup!

Here we are again, the end of another fast month! I know we’re all busy people, so I want you to know how much I truly appreciate every visit you make to this little blog of mine. In case there were any posts you missed, I like to bundle ’em all up together so you […]

January 2016 Round-up!

It was kind of a quiet month around here. Beginning to do a bunch of projects, but not completing much…still, you know I love to share what went down in one neat little post in case you missed anything! The month started off with my love affair with Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It was chosen as their […]

My Favorite Projects of 2015

So I shared what was most popular with you guys in yesterday’s post. Thought it’d be fun to share what 2015 projects floated my boat today! They aren’t necessarily the most dramatic, or big room makeovers, but they’re just those things I look at it every day and smile. So many times we walk through […]

Your Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2015

I mean, HOW AM I EVEN TYPING THIS?!! Best of 2015 already?! Goodness. It was a super fun year for our house – three kids’ rooms, a powder room, AND a basement makeover?! And lots of fun little stuff in between. We were busy busy busy… I looked through the year, and these were the […]

November 2015 Roundup!

I seriously cannot even believe November came and went already. I know I say this every month, but COME ON. Where did it even go?!!! It was a fun month around here – let’s recap what went down in case you missed anything, shall we? First, I shared how I painted the interior doors (and even the […]

October 2015 Roundup!

So I must have blinked. I mean, WHERE OH WHERE did October even go?! It was a crazy busy (and equally fun!) month. Some big projects went down in the ND house over those 31 days. Let’s take a look, in case you missed anything, shall we? First, the Kid Art Gallery Wall. The kids are […]

June 2015 Roundup

Well hello there! Long time, no post;) If you haven’t guessed, I turn into a mighty bad little blogger come Summertime. I’ve got the kids home from school and there’s just far too much fun to be had outdoors than to make them stay inside while Mommy paints, know what I mean? And sadly, I don’t […]