October 2015 Roundup!

So I must have blinked. I mean, WHERE OH WHERE did October even go?! It was a crazy busy (and equally fun!) month. Some big projects went down in the ND house over those 31 days. Let’s take a look, in case you missed anything, shall we?


First, the Kid Art Gallery Wall. The kids are so tickled at being such accomplished artists – and such an easy and affordable way to decorate too!

Kid Art Gallery Wall

Then it was the Basement Makeover! From dungeon to delight:) I avoided this room like the plague and now I love hanging out down here…

basement makeover

We put up our first (of hopefully many;) plank walls in the basement, and tell you all about the process in this next October post.


And on that plank wall, my DIY HOME letters. One of my very favorite parts of this room!

plank wall

I took a basement break and did a little Fall crafting, with my super thrifty DIY Paper Leaf Garland. Did two banisters for $5! Gotta love that.

diy paper garland

Annnnnnd back to the basement with a DIY Chalkboard and Banner post. Because you know I had to throw a chalkboard down there, right?!

diy chalkboard

Since the basement also needed a place to do arts and crafts, and eat and drink when we’re watching the game with friends, I gave an old table a makeover and purchased some school desk chairs for $20 (total!!). It’s been a must have down there and you can’t beat that price tag.

table and chairs makeover

I am still in shock at the difference one piece of wood can make in my Kitchen Chalkboard Menu Update.

DIY chalkboard menu

One piece of wood! And a zillion times better.

I finished up the month with my new rug post! Gosh, I love this thing. I also share my tips on finding the perfect one, since I know it can be quite a headache.

new rug

And that’s October in a nutshell! As always, thanks so much for reading and can’t wait to show you what’s in store for November!

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