DIY Chalkboard and Banner

Ok, took a quick break from the basement posts, but we’re back at ’em today with our DIY Chalkboard and Banner!

Before, this little wall next to the kid closet was just meh.

basement makeover

And now…

basement makeover

If you’ve been a follower for a while, you know how I feel about chalkboards. I love them. Always have, always will.  And since we were getting rid of the huge chalkboard wall and replacing it with the plank wall, this seemed like a perfect spot to create a new one!

First, I just slapped on some chalkboard paint in a big ol’ square. I didn’t measure or anything, just painted till I was happy with the size.

DIY chalkboard

Then came my dear sweet husband’s part. The Chip to my Jojo, as I like to call him;) He picked up some 3.5 inch MDF (first he measured my painted chalkboard to see how much he’d need). He cut the left side piece first (at an angle) and got it up on the wall ( with a little wood glue and the nail gun).

DIY chalkboard

DIY chalkboard

(As you can see, the kids decorated the chalkboard before it was fully done;)

Then came the top piece…

DIY chalkboard

(He’s checking for the electrical with that handy dandy studfinder.)

Then it was the bottom piece, and then he cut the right piece to fit all snug between.

A little caulking to fill in any gaps and the nail gun holes, some white paint and here we are!

DIY chalkboard

That banner was so crazy easy to make – and 100% free, since I had ribbon and scrap paper on hand!

I went into my stash of paper scraps, grabbed some colorful ones, cut them into triangles, and hot glued them onto a piece of ribbon! Seriously. Five minutes.

DIY banner

diy banner

Gotta love a FREE project!

I just stuck two tiny pieces of tape to the side of the molding to attach it. Easy peasy.

diy chalkboard and banner

diy chalkboard and banner

It’s a fun little space, and the kids are loving it!

diy chalkboard

Oh! Fun fact: the 3.5 inch molding makes a nice thick ledge for the chalk! It just rests right on it, like it was made to be there.

I think chalkboards are such a fun way to decorate. With a can of chalkboard paint and some molding, it’s also a budget friendly way to go as big and dramatic as your heart desire’s.

Who’s with me? Are you a fan of chalkboards too? 🙂


  1. Super cute, Liz! I would have loved this as a little girl. I have to stop myself from putting a chalkboard in every room of our house now.

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I added a chalkboard to our old kitchen door (you can see it here: )

    I’m desperate for one in the new house we just built/moved in to but I can’t find the right place! Maybe one day in a few years when we finish the basement.

  3. So cute I too have a chalkboard addiction my daughter thinks it a little out of control! Although she didn’t complain about the full size old slate school board I scored from an old friend/contractor which I put up on the fence by her play ground .

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