Kid Art Gallery Wall

I am currently sitting here tracking the shipment on my very last piece to the basement puzzle as we speak (or type!), and can hardly wait to share this room with you. If this particular item I ordered is as cute as it appears online, the post will be up sometime next week! Yay!

In the meantime, since I’m THE WORST at waiting to share things with you, I decided to post about the little hallway leading down to the basement. It won’t give anything away, I promise;)

It was so easy, thrifty, and the kids LOVE IT. Win win win all around.

Check it out!

Kid Art Gallery Wall

You might recognize this artwork from my old playroom wall. They were ALL either yard sale frames or ones I already had, that I painted white. I used the kids’ masterpieces and a couple unfinished letters for their first names, and done! I did have to buy the large frame on the right wall, because my daughter created that self portrait in school recently. Other than that, and a red light up arrow I found on clearance for $11 at Michaels, it was a totally free project!

Here’s a shot before…


(and that hallway was even darker with a matching brown ceiling – this was mid paint job!)

Here’s that same wall now…

kid art gallery wall

The other side before…


And now…

kid art gallery wall

I love their little toddler handprints that are staying, no matter how big they get!

kid art gallery wall

They were so tickled when they saw their very own artwork on display.

kid art gallery wall

If you’ve got a big space to decorate, and need a budget friendly way to fill it, look no further than your very own budding artists – it’ll look great, they’ll be so proud, AND your wallet will thank you! How cool is that?!


  1. As always it looks fantastic – I love it!! Can’t wait to see the big reveal!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Did you have to add any lights? My stairwell is so dark!

    • Other than the light up arrow, no – but it’s something we’re looking into because even though the paint helped tremendously, it’s still darker than we’d like! I’ll keep you posted!

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