Our Freebie DIY Dartboard Project

Wow. So my last post was eerily timely, huh? But just as I said in that post, I will continue to go forth and blog…while I pray and pray…and pray some more for Paris and the rest of this world of ours. God bless. If you recall from the Basement Makeover Post, there were too […]

Don’t Forget the Doors! (And Railing…and knobs)

This – what I’m about to blog about right this very second – is something I almost overlooked. Something I almost wasn’t going to worry about. It’s not that big of a deal, I said. It won’t make that big a difference, I said. HA! If I only knew… Details, friends. It’s those small touches that […]

That Time I Got a Table and Chairs for $20…

Sometimes things just have a way of working out. Take this table for instance. My husband has somehow held onto this oak round table from his BACHELOR PAD. (We’re talking decades). It has moved with him many times, and we’ve even tried to sell it! And yet…it still remains. You may have one just like it […]

Large ‘HOME’ Letters

I know, ANOTHER basement post! Sorry, for those of you who are sick and tired of it. My apologies. I do have a couple non-related basement posts to write that I promise to fit in soon;) So stick with me! Today, I’m sharing the giant HOME letters I kinda sorta DIY-ed on the plank wall. […]

DIY Plank Wall Tutorial

Let me start off by saying a huge thank you for all the lovely comments left on my Naptime Decorator Facebook page and Instagram regarding the Basement Makeover! You all are SO sweet, and I’m so glad you love it as much as I do! If you missed it, you can click here and check […]

Basement Makeover: The Reveal!

Stick a fork in it, friends, the basement is DONE! And I can’t wait to share it with you. This is going to be a Before and After Photos Extravaganza, so get ready! There are too many pieces to this puzzle to explain every project in one post, so I’ll just show you everything and […]

Kid Art Gallery Wall

I am currently sitting here tracking the shipment on my very last piece to the basement puzzle as we speak (or type!), and can hardly wait to share this room with you. If this particular item I ordered is as cute as it appears online, the post will be up sometime next week! Yay! In […]

Shop Your Home: New Life in a New Spot!

As some of you know, we’re in the end stages of the Basement Makeover. It’s really coming together, and now that all the painting and planking is done, it’s onto my favorite part: the fun stuff! I could decorate and accessorize all day long – this is the part that gets me really excited. First, […]

A Gallery Wall for the Basement (AKA The First Glimpse at the New Room!)

Oh you GUYS. This basement might just be the most dramatic makeover to date. Well, ok, I guess the Master Bathroom probably takes the cake on that one, but this is a close second! It’s getting so close to being done, but I couldn’t wait any longer to show you patient, patient people at least […]