March 2016 Roundup!

It’s April! Yay! We still have some cold days ahead (7 day forecast is NOT too promising around here), but at least once that calendar flips to April it feels like beautiful days CAN’T be far behind, right?!

I always like to reflect on the past month and lump all the posts into one neat little package for you. I know we’re all busy and I’m sure you don’t check in to see what the ND is up to on a daily basis, right? (Though if you do, I love you and you’re my BFF. Big fat internet hugs and kisses!)

So here is everything – in case you missed it!

March 2016Collage

1. Started out the month with my Fakeout Sign. Made one of those wood signs that I see for hundreds of dollars…made mine for like $20 or something crazy. Gotta love that!

diy sign

2. SO pumped that I finally figured out how to make my cable box pretty in this post!

hiding a cable box

3. Then I kinda “grew” a table and made it perfect for my hard-to-fill nightstand space


4. Holy moly, one of the BIGGEST transformations occurred this month when I painted the pink bathroom tile.

painting a bathroom tile floor

5. And one of my very favorite projects to date, my $15 DIY Rustic Ladder. Makes me swoon.

diy rustic ladder

6. I chatted about the three things we use constantly in this house – they move all over and are in use at all times somewhere!

functional decor

7. And finally, I ended the month with a project I’d wanted to do FOREVER. Or at least a few years;) I sanded and stained the coffee table top. Such an improvement!

coffee table

So that wraps up March. For those still waiting for the master bedroom, I feel your pain, really I do. Took a brief hiatus – the hubs got knocked down with a bad cold for a few weekends there, then we hosted Easter, had a daughter’s bday…it’s been crazy ’round here. But it’s very close!! Thanks for sticking with me! XO

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