Your Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2015

I mean, HOW AM I EVEN TYPING THIS?!! Best of 2015 already?! Goodness.

It was a super fun year for our house – three kids’ rooms, a powder room, AND a basement makeover?! And lots of fun little stuff in between. We were busy busy busy…

2015 Collage

I looked through the year, and these were the most popular posts – did yours make the list? Let the countdown begin!

10. JOY!

JOY craft

This one was my first Christmas craft of this season and got a lot of feedback from you – I was tickled you loved it as much as I do!

9. The Black Painted Door

black door makeover

Holy cow, this thing could be one of my favorite things ever. WHY ON EARTH DID I NOT PAINT IT SOONER?!

8. From Nursery to Big Boy Room

big boy room

THAT was fun! My first big boy room, and I was so happy with how it turned out.

7. The Big Girl Room

big girl room

A little glam, a little girly…always a fun combination:)

6. Tips on Styling Bookcases

styling bookcase tips

We all can use a little help in that area, even decorators!

5. Little Girl’s Room Makeover

little girl's room makeover

This teeny tiny room could be one of my favorite spaces in this house. That pink bed…STILL swooning!

4. The Kitchen Island Makeover

kitchen island makeover

Paint + stain = a very happy Liz.

3. We Need To Talk

Real life

I got real in this post and wow, did you guys respond to that! It ain’t always pretty, people, and that is SO okay.

2. Budget Powder Room Makeover

budget powder room makeover

Spoiler alert: That’s not real beadboard! 😉

And the number one Most Popular Post of 2015 is….

drum roll, please….

1. Drab to Fab: Trimming Out Our Plain Front 1960s Cabinets!

adding trim to cabinets

This post was HUGE with you guys – and I’d say it’s my favorite of 2015 as well! (It was also my first shot at power tools, which was pretty exciting;)

So that wraps it up! I was saying to my husband yesterday, how fun it is to think about what will get done this year that we didn’t see coming at all…what on earth will 2016 bring? Can’t wait to find out – hope you’ll be along for the ride! I mean, could THIS POSSIBLY BE THE YEAR I finish painting our upstairs hallway?!!

Real life

….or maybe it’s the year we say buh-bye to pink tile?!!

Real life

A girl can only hope;)

Happy New Year, to my most amazing readers – you guys make every year so much fun, and I wish you nothing but health and happiness in 2016. XO


  1. Think of the yellow hallway as “The Ombre Effect”. 😉

    In all honesty, many of these were in my top ND posts…..that is until the Christmas Miracle post. Merry Christmas, Noah!

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