A New Black Door and a White Cozy Wreath

Oh. Em. Geeeeee YOU GUYS!

This one is gonna knock your socks off.

How a $3 sample of paint can make THIS much of a difference…blows my mind every time!

Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

I’ve been living with a boring white door in our kitchen (it’s the side door entrance) for, well, ever.

black door makeover

I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been contemplating this door. It’s been THAT LONG. I just couldn’t make up my mind what color. Go bold, go robin’s egg blue, go black? Every day I changed my mind. Finally, I realized, I’ve been really digging the idea of black for a while now, so let’s just go for it. It’s only paint, after all. I could always change it if I hated it.

Well, turns out….

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

black door makeover

I mean. I can’t even.


Another before shot:

black door makeover

And now:

black door makeover

First, I just primed it with a multi-surface primer. The door is metal (steel? I have no idea), so I didn’t want to use regular drywall primer. This one is made for all kinds of surfaces, so I figured that was the way to go. Then, just got out my sample of Valspar Muted Ebony and went to town. It’s an almost black – thisclose – and it’s awesome. I wanted a shade darker than the island and dining room room chairs, and yet not full on black.

Shield your eyes, my perfectionist painter friends. I’m about to show you something that’s gonna make you cringe:

painting black door

Yeah, so I’m not big on painter’s tape. I started doing it and it just took too darn long! So I did without, then when it was dry, I took a paper towel squirted with glass cleaner and my fingernail. Worked like a charm, people. A CHARM!

When it was done, I knew immediately what I wanted to hang on it. Something white and lovely. This fuzzy white wreath couldn’t be more perfect! My friend made one at last December’s Craft Night and she sent me the link to the tutorial – you can find it here. I ran to Michaels the very next day because I just couldn’t wait to make one. (Yarn was on sale, WIN!). I didn’t take any pictures of the steps and I’m not going to divulge any information because the blogger who came up with it deserves EVERY OUNCE OF CREDIT. Seriously.  Go to her page (Between You and Me is the blog) and check it out for yourself. This puppy sells at Anthropologie for $298 and this one set me back $15!!! I love that I can change out the ribbon after Christmas and have it up all winter long. It’s so cozy and winter white and just pure goodness. I had that red striped ribbon on hand (from the old wreath, ironically enough!) and it couldn’t have been more perfect for a touch of Christmas.

DIY wreath and black door

I had a wreath hanging on the outside (as you can see in the before pics), but I decided to go with this one on the inside because: a) I never loved that other one, and b) no one ever even sees the side of the house, or enters that way really, so why not have a beautiful one on the INside where we see it all day?! Duh.

Ok, one more shot, because I can’t get enough…

DIY wreath and black door

Ok, I’m done.

I promise to get my Christmas house tour up next week – I had hoped to get it up earlier in case you need ideas, but as they say, life happened.

Have a great weekend, friends! Go paint your doors black! 😉



  1. I love it! So where do we get the directions for the pom pom wreath?

  2. I love the door! It took courage to paint a door black! Did you paint both sides black? When you paint an interior door, do you paint both sides the same color? Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you! The other side is red, which looks nice with our exterior, so I left that alone. I think you can do whatever you like!:)

  3. Wow! Looks great!! I want to do this! Very classy.

  4. What a difference and with just paint! It looks more expensive! Makes everything else pop too!! Well done! Doesn’t your husband just love you?!

  5. Awesome- I am so nervous to paint our doors on the inside-? Outside I match w shutters- inside no idea? Now I know what color I will do kitchen door- need to figure out front door and French doors in great room- all trim is white – love your blog!

  6. Mary Weber says:

    Looks so good! Did you use a semi-gloss finish? Contemplating my pantry door..

  7. What color paint is that pale buttercream color?

  8. Oh I love this. We have dark stained trim in our 1976 ranch-style house. I have been sandin, priming, and painting it all white. It’s been a HUGE undertaking as a sahm with a 6 month old. Our doors are also wooden and I didn’t know what to do with them but now I do. I showed my husband your black door and he liked it too. Did you change your doorknobs?

  9. Hi, I painted my door black (well my husband did because i”m not allowed to paint) but he didn’t paint the window insert frame. I want to paint it but not sure because it seems to be vinyl. But you painted it all. Any issues or just paint it as normal?

    • Hmmm…ours was the same material as our door, so I can’t say for sure if you’d have issues. I’m sorry I can’t help!

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