From Nursery to The Big Boy Room: The Reveal!





My soon-to-be six year old no longer lives in a room of baby giraffes!

I went digging in my photos to find some from way back when and found these gems: (gotta love a flash and point and shoot camera. OUCH).

nursery before

(Those dark brown curtains lasted about a week before I went with a lighter version but can’t seem to find any pics of those!)

nursery before

nursery before

nursery before

Then the makeover began!

It was a lovely state in here while I painted over the Sherwin Williams Ivoire to SW Light French Grey…makeover during


And then we had just a sad little bed, and bare windows…



I made a headboard.

I fixed up that nightstand.

We (ok, my husband!) framed out the closet, the windows, and added shades.

I found a cute dresser from a yard sale site and fixed it up.

I made a Superhero sign.

The hubs framed out a huge rectangle of chalkboard paint and I made a fun banner.

Some other little odds and ends and heeeere we are!

Big Boy Room Makeover

big boy room

big boy room makeover

(I love that the letters that hung above his crib are still in here, above his closet now!)

Oh! Forgot – the desk I fixed up, and the DIY Memo Boards should’ve made the list, too.

big boy room

I bought the superhero sheets and bedspread forever ago (both from Target), and luckily my boy still loves them. If he’s anything like his father, this superhero obsession ain’t going nowhere. 😉 (Batman mug from Marshall’s, desk lamp was a yard sale find, bean bag chair and rattan trunk from Target)

big boy room makeover

A friend of ours gave us a big box of comic books, so I thought it’d be cute and easy to make a clipboard wall – and my son can switch them out whenever he wants, which is kinda cool. (The metal N above his bed is from Hobby Lobby, grey lamp and grey pillow from Target, red and white striped pillow from Burlington, mini clock from a yard sale)

I had these IKEA spice racks that used to hold books in our playroom, but were just collecting dust now. I decided they’d be perfect to house some of his favorite books!

big boy room makeover

Speaking of IKEA, that’s also where I found this grey and white striped rug. Oh yeah, and for ONLY FIFTEEN DOLLARS?!! What the what?!

I picked up a few other fun accessories, like the EXIT arrow sign and the clock above his Superhero sign. (both from Hobby Lobby)

big boy room makeover

The mirror was an old black one my mom gave me – I painted it and sanded it to make it look old. And the hooks were from Marshall’s, but the hooks were brown and the wood was almost unfinished looking. The size was so perfect though, so I bought it, threw on some darker stain and painted the hooks black and now it works. Perfect for his robe (and capes – a superhero’s always gotta have some capes ready, am I right?).

big boy room

I fell in love with this rustic metal container thing and had to have it – again, Hobby Lobby did not disappoint. It’s perfect on his desk for random stuff – like small toys, remote control cars, etc. That, and this adorable red truck were HUGE scores for his dresser top. (also from Hobby Lobby)

big boy room

He was beyond obsessed with cars a couple years ago, (I would get him from his nap and there’d be 80 in his crib – no joke!), so I wanted to pay homage to those precious years by filling his matchbox cars inside the glass lamp. (from Marshall’s)

Other awesome finds were this…uh, book holder? Not sure what to call it! But it’s chippy and rustic and fabulous (and perfect for holding books!)

big boy room reveal

(from Hobby Lobby)

And I thought these knobs were too cute to pass up for his closet doors…

big boy room reveal

(from Hobby Lobby)

He’s still into his stuffed animals, so I found this burlap lined cutie at HomeGoods that’s just right for containing the madness:

big boy room reveal

I think that about wraps up the tour! The only thing we didn’t get to (YET!) is ripping out those awful 1960s baseboards and adding crown molding. You don’t even know how those baseboards pain me…but we’ll get to them sooner rather than later, I HOPE! If you have any questions that I didn’t answer, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Hope you like it…I sure do. But what I love more is that even though the room has changed from these days…

big boy room

…some things never will. 😉

big boy room


  1. Jessica says:

    Love it!

  2. Nancy Fronckoski Furman says:

    Love the clipboard idea!

  3. Room looks great! So many great ideas that will grow with him. You inspire me to do my own boys room!!

  4. Sherri S. says:

    Amazing!!! This room is great. 🙂 So many great idea!

    Happy Thursday…

  5. Pam Karkow says:

    Love, love, love this room! Amazing transformation!

  6. Laurie G. says:

    What’s the paint color you used? I love it!

  7. I just adore this room and keep coming back to this for inspiration for my son’s new room. Is that a gray blanket set on his bed from Target? Looks almost like a jersey material?

  8. Love all of these ideas! I am sharing this on pinterest.

  9. Where did you get the “every brother is a super hero” sign?! It’s adorable!

  10. I stumbled onto your blog last night, and am now obsessed!! 🙂 I love your style and how comfy your home looks.

    I noticed you use the same type of woven roman shades in several rooms. Would you mind sharing where you buy them? I hung some a few years ago in my husband’s office and I hate them…. they look so sad and cheap 🙁 Yours look crisp and add the nice texture I love. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks for all of the inspiration…I’m totally covering my cable box with that cute aluminum sheeting! Such a great idea!!

    • Thanks, Joanne! I bought them at Lowes about 5 years ago – they’ve been discontinued in this shade, but Home Depot carries similar ones in their “Home Decorators Collection” line. Good luck, thanks so much for reading! XO

  11. This room is amazing…WELL DONE!!!!!

  12. Melissa A Paul says:

    Love the room! I am having a little boy in November and starting to get the room ready. I will be painting the walls a gray color as well (BM Classic Gray). May I ask what color rug is in the room? Is it a berber? We need to replace the current rug as its out dated and needing ideas to go with gray walls.

  13. Hi!! Amazing room! Love the shelf you used from hobby lobby for your sons books. I have a similar one I’ve been trying to find the perfect home for…this gave me an idea. How did you hang the basket?

  14. Hi there! Do you know the dimensions of the room? It looks similar to what my son’s soon to be big boy room will be. I’m having a hard time with placement and your room looks great. Thanks!


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  2. […] From Naptime Decorator – You had me at the sign! My little guy needs this immediately! The rest of the room has great features … but that sign with super hero capes hanging near!! […]

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