Pottery Barn Inspired Superhero Sign…for free!

Sometimes it really pays to be a procrastinator.

I posted on my Facebook page – like, over a year ago at least – this adorable sign I spotted in my Pottery Barn Kids catalog…

superhero sign

SO SO cute, right?! Especially for my superhero obsessed 5 year old son.

Well, it hit me over the weekend that I had JUST the materials to make this sign…and this $69 sign would cost me nothing!

Remember that DIY Wood Backdrop Thingy I made a while ago for the dining room? It’s just wood glued together and painted. If you missed that post, you can check it out here.


Well, now that I have my Coffee Bar in the dining room, I had to take this board down.


So I see it sitting in storage…I remembered the Superhero sign I saw forever ago…

See where this is going?!

It’s like it was meant to be.

So I found a font on the computer that I thought looked similar (Britannic Bold). I blew it up to 600, so it was big. I traced my screen VERY lightly with pencil (barely touched the screen, don’t worry;). I cut out the letters, taped them where I wanted them, and traced them onto the wood…

Superhero sign

superhero sign

superhero sign

I wanted the letters to stay white, so I filled in the rest with navy blue craft paint.

superhero sign

Some of the aqua paint from the border was showing through, so I filled the letters in with more white paint.

A couple coats of paint later, and here we are!

DIY Superhero sign

DIY Superhero sign

I haven’t painted his room yet, so I didn’t hang it. Once I get him a new dresser, I’ll hang it above that. That’s the plan anyway;) I’m in the thick of it with my oldest’s room right now (painted it today!!) and hope to have that done within a few weeks, then I’ll be starting this room. (Famous last words, right!?) 😉

diy superhero sign

It’s not perfect, and it’s no Pottery Barn, but hey, for using what I had and not spending a penny, I’m loving it!

DIY superhero sign

Every brother is a superhero…

…especially those with two big sisters! 😉



  1. Love it! Looks great…. What is the finished size? If I’m going to try this I would like to know because math is not my forte and the letters fit perfectly.

  2. Carli Heringer says:

    It’s great Liz! It looks almost identical to the PB picture, without the PB price. Love it!

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