DIY Coffee Bar

Oh man, do I love this project, folks!

If you read my last post, you know I’ve been working on a coffee bar for our dining room. Our dining room is basically an extension of my kitchen, so I figured, why not? I have to take maybe an extra five steps to the sink to fill the coffee pot than I did before. Not a big deal, and I’ve got lotsa counter space with it gone now!

It all started with one piece of 1×6 from Home Depot. I had them cut it right in half for me, so all I had to do was stain it when I got home. (Outside is key – stain is STINKY!)

diy coffee bar

I used my Minwax Special Walnut, and it was JUST right.

I also picked up four black corbels at Home Depot – they’re about $8 a piece. I put my sweet hubby to work one Saturday morning (the things he does for me, I tell ya. Poor guy;)…

diy coffee bar

Bless his heart.

If you look closely, you’ll see the wall in the back that’s bare – it used to be where I had my DIY Wood Painted Backdrop Thingy (like that title?!) – you can read that post here. As much as I loved that thing, you know me…always gotta switch things up. Even when something’s working – it’s like I can’t help myself!

So the shelves went up (with the help of anchors), I hung my little sign, and got to fixin’ it up!

Here it is…

DIY coffee bar

Now, I wanted to get some new stuff to fix it all up, like new canisters, etc. but it could take a while to make it perfect. In the meantime, (with the exception of a couple new little items) I shopped my home and found stuff that will work fine until I’m out and about and spot just the right things. Some things you can’t rush.

diy coffee bar

And yes, I see now that the sign is crooked. Woops. 😉

I’ve had the coffee/sugar canisters FOREVER, and the ‘4’ box was a Homegoods find from a few years ago. It sat on a bookshelf in my family room and realized it would be even better here – and perfect for housing coffee filters.

DIY coffee bar

I grabbed some old jelly jars, cleaned them out, and stuck spoons and stirrers in them. That little sugar packet container was a new purchase (from Target).

diy coffee bar

diy coffee bar

The little galvanized metal box with chalkboard is from Michaels – and I put some biscotti in it. And I had those white pitchers, and thought lumped together they would be the right height and perfect accent, so I threw them up there. Ok, bad choice of words. Don’t THROW things like pitchers on a shelf – gently place them up there. Otherwise you’ll have a whole mess on your hands. And possibly injure yourself as well. None of that is good.

Moving on…

Oh! That mug holder is from World Market, and the L-O-V-E glasses are an oldie but goodie project from back in the early days of ND. Dollar Tree glasses, a stencil, and white paint. BOOM. Done. I filled them with coffee beans and tealights. I couldn’t find my battery operated ones, so I stuck regular ones in there, but I don’t light them. Don’t want melting coffee beans in my glasses. Not sure what I’ll put there when Valentine’s Day is over, but they’re perfect there for right now! Maybe some little milk bottles with tulips or something…I’ll keep you posted.


diy coffee bar

So that about wraps up the coffee bar. It’s a fun change of pace to have it here – I’m so happy I did it!


  1. LOVE it!

  2. This is adorable, I am not a big coffee drinker. But my husband is. This could be a way to make him happy and me happy with the decor. I love the little containers you used, function and style. Always a win!

  3. So cute, Liz!! You did great, as always!!

    Happy Monday!
    Sherri 🙂

  4. Where did you get the base cabinet/table? I am searching for something like that and cannot figure out what to call it.

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