DIY Coffee Bar Sign

If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram, you probably know I’m working on a coffee bar for my dining room. It’s just about done – I have to pick up one or two more little items to complete it, and I’m loving it! Hopefully the post will be up next week sometime.

I definitely knew the spot needed a sign of some sort. Goodness, I do love me a sign. But what to write? I needed something short and sweet, so I asked my FB followers for their help. Oh, you guys are CLEVER! Every one of your suggestions was adorable – I could have gone with any of them! But out of nowhere, one particular saying popped in my head – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on a Target mug or something??

It was short.

It was sweet.

It was perfect.

I picked up a frame from Michaels in a fabulous rustic frame. The wood was almost a grey stain – well, it actually WAS a grey stain – and I was concerned it wouldn’t mesh with my stained walnut shelves, but I took a chance.

I came home, and I was right. No good.

The frame is awesome – in fact, I’m gonna pick up a couple for my bedroom I think! – but it just wasn’t looking good under the shelves.

DIY coffee sign

Put the size was perfect, so I got out my paint stash, and mixed up a blue grey color, then once it dried, I grabbed some sandpaper and roughed it up a little.

DIY Coffee Bar sign

I got out some stamps I use a lot that are from Michaels, and worth every penny I spent on them because I really do use them a ton! I love that the font almost encourages you NOT to be perfect, which is great for me:) I went with a piece of paper from Hobby Lobby that’s a pale yellow and white polkda dot. It had *just* the right amount of color and pattern without going overboard. I laid out the saying – oh, I haven’t told you what it is yet, have I?! Silly me.

“Dear coffee,

I love you.

That is all.”


Ok, so what was I saying?

Ah yes, I laid out the stamps until I was happy with the spacing, placement, etc.

DIY coffee bar sign

I like to use a cotton swab to apply the ink, rather than press the stamp into the ink pad. This way, the letter AND ONLY THE LETTER gets ink on it, and none of the surroundings, does that make sense?


Nice manicure, Liz. Always paint on my nails – and not the kind made for nails;)

I decided to use some red cardstock to make a heart, in place of the word love.

And here it is!

DIY coffee bar sign

DIY coffee bar sign

The stamps only come in lower case, and there’s no comma included in the pack, so I couldn’t put one after the word coffee.

At first I wasn’t so sure about that, but I feel like that’s ok with this sign. The messy font, the lower case letters – it all works, comma or no comma.

Coffee Bar sign: complete. Thanks for all your fabulous suggestions!

Stay tuned for the rest of the bar coming very soon!


  1. Love it! I am working on a coffee bar for my kitchen! Can’t wait to see the final result!

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