DIY Painted Wood Backdrop Thingy

Some of you might remember when I shared this project the first time around, last Fall.

It got lost when my OLD site was hacked, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of questions about it, so thought I’d share it again.


1. I took a couple pieces of wood and cut them to the size I wanted.

2. Gorilla glued the sides together and let it dry.

3. Painted them with a thin coat of white paint and let that dry.

4. Gave it a blue border (using craft paint in Martha Stewart ‘Pool’) by framing it out with painter’s tape.

5. After that dried, I used a piece of sandpaper to rough it up a bit – make it look a little worn and distressed.

Now I lean it against a wall in my dining room, and it’s the perfect spot to change up my seasonal decor.

029 (2)



It’s been so much fun to decorate every season, holiday – whenever the mood strikes! (Which is pretty much ALL. THE. TIME.)

Here’s what I’ve done with it since last Fall when I made it…


As you can tell, I switch up the lamps, sometimes add some ribbon to the shade, sometimes do away with it completely…nothing stays the same for too long in this house! 😉

So…inquiring minds want to know:

Which one is YOUR favorite look?




  1. rondell says:

    I love them all but my favs are the Easter/spring and the summer one! Great job!

  2. Toss up between the Valentine’s and Hallowe’en! Great idea!

  3. What was the thickness of the boards?

  4. Sarah Alicea says:

    definitely summer! love it!

  5. Christy says:

    Love them all! How do you get the decorations to stay on the board?

  6. I love the easter one. What is the size of the wood pieces? I would love to try this thank you

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