A No-Paint, $3 Nightstand Makeover!

Ah, another Big Boy Room post.

Sorry, but that room’s been all consuming ’round these parts lately.

Even if you’re bored of Operation Big Boy Room, you might be able to use this same strategy next time you want to make a big difference in a piece of furniture…and here’s the kicker – THERE IS NO PAINT INVOLVED!

Yep, you read that correctly.

Let’s see what we started with, shall we?

My son has had this tiny little nightstand table in his room since Day 1. It was by his glider in his nursery. I can remember sitting his bottle on it, along with Goodnight Moon…oh goodness, I need to stop right now before the waterworks turn on!

Needless to say, the table is very Baby Boy Nursery.

no paint table makeover

HORRENDOUS picture quality, I know. I get so excited when I’m about to start a project that I grab my phone and take a quick photo with that. Getting out the big “good” camera just takes too darn long. 😉

Oh, and mint gum on his nightstand?! Ummm, huh?! Hold old is he again!?!


Anyway, basically it’s just a white table with beadboard and a blue knob.

It’s a perfectly fine table. We know I’m always working with a budget, so I wanted to fix it up for the Big Boy Room.

I had just the idea!

I took it outside and gave the top a good sanding.

no paint table makeover

Once it was totally free of paint (and dust!), I got out some Dark Walnut Stain.

no paint table makeover

I gave it a couple light coats of stain, and let it sit outside for a WHILE. Stain is stinky!

Then, I found just the right knob to replace the baby blue one. It’s from Hobby Lobby, and was 50% off. Cost me a whopping $3! It’s a handle though, so I needed to drill one more hole in the door. Once that was done and the handle was on….

no paint table makeover

…it was done!

no paint table makeover

Pardon the odd table placement – it’s not staying in the middle of my son’s room for good;) Thing is, when it’s by his bed, it’s in front of the window – and said window is not framed out yet and has zippy window treatment goin’ on. Basically, it would’ve looked pretty horrific if I took a photo of it in the spot it’s going to be!

no paint table makeover

Since I already had the sandpaper (and sander), the stain, and didn’t have to repaint at all, this makeover set me back $3 for the cost of the knob! Not too shabby for a “new” nightstand, huh?

no paint table makeover

I’m totally loving this new look. Hard to believe just changing the top and one little knob can make such a difference!

nightstand before and after


  1. I love it! And being a little boy, the dark stain will allow for a little bit of abuse (ie, scratches, markers, water glass rings, etc. Good job Mama Liz! btw, love the handle – it balances out the stained top.

  2. I LOVE this. Once again, I never would have thought about just sanding the top of a piece and staining it. So cute with the handle and the lantern, and I love the grey lampshade!

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