The Dining Room Makeover…AGAIN!

Just when you think I couldn’t get any wackier…

I’ve changed it AGAIN.

The dining room has a new look. I know, I have problems.

When we moved in 9 years ago, I had a LOT of dark goin’ on…

dining room makeover again

Then, some years later, I painted the chairs, the base of the table…and well, pretty much everything in sight.

dining room makeover again


Yes, there’s more.

I sold those chairs, got new ones, painted them blue, and added more color in the mix.

dining room makeover again

And now…

I’ve gotten into the farmhouse/rustic thing (thanks, Jojo), and gotten MORE chairs (thank goodness for yard sales!), changed up the window treatments, took the shades off the chandelier, created a coffee bar, found an awesome big clock, fixed up a bench…and a couple other things;)

Here we are today!

dining room makeover again

dining room makeover again

dining room makeover again

dining room makeover

It all kinda started with that tray.

And the DIY Coffee Bar.

diy coffee bar

Then I moved the plates to the skinny wall and painted that little table:

plate wall

I painted and restained the chairs.

painted and stained chairs

Got a new clock and sanded down and restained the bench

homegoods clock

Oh, and made a Ruler Runner for the table to complete the room!

dining room makeover

I have to say (course, I’m sure I’ve said this EVERY. TIME.), that this look is my favorite. I’m really digging this room right now. I wanted it to feel very relaxed, informal, and inviting. If feels that way to me now.

One more old and new look just for fun:

dining room makeover

dining room makeover

I just noticed those bright yellow daises in the bottom left corner. They were Easter decorations – I took these photos a couple weeks ago and there’s a lovely green plant in a rustic container there now, that I SO wish would have made the photo! But I’m tired, and reaaaaally don’t feel like getting the camera back out for one plant;) Let’s just pretend it’s there, mmmkay?

So in case you’re keeping track, that’s 4 “makeovers” in 9 years.

No wonder I have such a reputation.




  1. Beautiful redo, again. 🙂 Can I ask where you got the hardware/brackets for your shelves above the coffee bar?

  2. Kellie Bailey says:

    Love the tray on the dining table! I had one very similar also purchased at Home Goods (love)!! The only difference was it had numbers printed on the inside….1-5. Like you, I have 3 kiddos… anything with a number 5 on it….I’m drawn to. However, I had the tray and didn’t find a place for it that I loved……so I took it back:( Now I’m kicking myself!! I guess I’ll have to go hunt something similar down!!!

    Thanks for all your inspiration!!!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Can you please share if you painted the ladder back chairs? I’m in the process of painting mine and in the second coat, things got ugly and the paint started to peel!

  4. Of course I love ALL versions of your dining room and at first (because I’m an aqua gal) I thought – nooooooo, go with #2 & #3, but the more I look at #4 I’m loving the neutral and organic feel of the room. Great job!

    • haha! I know what you mean:) Never thought I’d be one to say goodbye to aqua, but it’s a nice, calming change! Thank you!

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