Changes in the Dining Room…Already?!

I know, I know. I just finished the dining room makeover like a second ago. BUT, you just never know when inspiration will hit you, or when you find yourself on say, a rainy day, and the kids are at the neighbor’s house playing, and oh, I don’t know, you start looking at your paint stash and realizing you DO have enough paint to start transforming some furniture…

So if you’re a diehard reader, you might pick up on the fact that the white china cabinet in the back there…yeah, that was a lovely blue up until a few days ago…

And black before that…

I know, I’m a little – ok, a LOT – nuts. But, trust me, I have this vision, and as much as I liked the blue, it has to be white to go along with it. This will all make sense eventually, I promise.

So I mixed in a little Plaster of Paris into white satin paint, and while the rain came down, I turned my pretty blue cabinet white, then sanded it a little so the blue comes through in some spots. My poor husband. Never knows WHAT he’s going to come home to. He could write a book, I know he could.


So then we had a couple iffy weather days. Looked like it could pour at any second, so we skipped the pool, and the kids were hopping from neighbor to neighbors’ house while I took my chances with the weather and spray painted some chairs outside (Peacock Blue by Valspar). More on that later, just wanted to let you know why I had to change the china cabinet white. Not done that project, so it’ll have its own post in the not too distant future, I promise. You can see a couple of them in these pics though, like this one – it is a gorgeous shade of blue!


You can see my husband in the reflection, working at his “office” aka the dining room table, since I sold his desk;) We’re in the midst of the home office makeover, which I’m planning on diving into as soon as the school year starts. Told you, man’s a saint.

THEN (I know, funny how one little change turns into a billion-and-one), I took some paint – a few samples I have, Glidden Deepest Aqua from my dresser, and some green and white craft paint until it was just the right shade), and painted the white mirror…

It WAS this:

And before that, it was this:

WOW. That feels like eons ago.

To give it a little depth, I took a little paintbrush of my kids’, and dry brushed some white craft paint on.

Please ignore what I’ve got going on the buffet table at the moment. Not really sure what the heck that’s all about, I threw some pitchers on there and that was about as creative as I could get yesterday. I’ll keep you updated on that as I solve that one too;)

Soooo…that’s what’s going on around here at the moment. Didn’t see this one coming at all, but you just never know what a rainy day will bring!


  1. Chrystal says:

    Where did you get your glass door cabinet?

  2. I cant find your “plate wall” post!! I need it!! Please and thank you!!

  3. I am looking for the plate wall post as well…..

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