Let’s Talk Yard Sales: I Don’t Leave Without…

It’s that time of year again! My favorite: Yard Sale Season!

You never know what you’ll find when you pull up to a yard sale, but I wanted to share with you what I always seem to grab when I see them sitting there. There are certain things that that I know I can and will find a spot for somewhere in this house;)

Let’s start with frames. They’re usually crazy cheap (I’ve been known to grab ’em for 25 cents!) and they’re awesome for gallery walls. Take my daughter’s wall, and the kid art gallery wall – both were created using 100% cheap yard sale frames that I spray painted…

yard sale finds

yard sale finds

And of course, benches! I feel like I can always use a bench…maybe as a coffee table, like the one in my basement

yard sale find

…or a little seat for a desk:

yard sale finds

Speaking of desks…that one in the pic above, and this one in my other girl’s room were major yard sale scores!

yard sale finds –

Furniture is a great find at a yard sale, because they can often times get all fixed up and lovely with a little paint and with very little cost. Like the dresser I got for $30 for my son’s room!

yard sale find

And that time I needed a chair and desk for my office, I found this WHOLE SET for $9!

yard sale finds

A little paint and small piece of fabric makes it just right.

Chairs in general – if they’re in good shape and have good bones – they’re great to pick up. You can stick them anywhere – in a dining room corner, by a kid’s bed for nighttime stories, in an office, next to a dry erase board for a budding teacher;)…

yard sale finds

This next one might not be one you see a lot, but a pretty vintage suitcase? Sign me up! I LOVE my trio that set me back a whopping $9 FOR ALL THREE. I have a couple under a table in the family room:

January decor

…and one added to a folding tray to make my new nightstand😉

suitcase table

I just love the character they bring.

And lastly, just look for the fun stuff that you can transform. Think outside the box if it can be used as something unique – those are usually the best finds of them all! Especially if it’s only $5, like that purple ladder thing I grabbed and turned into a bookshelf with some dowels and paint:

yard sale find

I hope this inspires you next time you find yourself at a yard sale – they really can be great places to help you turn your house into a home with very little money. Remember, a little paint and creativity can go a long, long way!

Happy hunting!


  1. Love this post! Great tips and finds!

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