Before and After: The Office Makeover


The day has finally come.

The office that I started eons ago is FINALLY complete.

And it turns out, good things come to those who wait!

Seemed like we were on a roll, when the files were prettified, the desk and chair were refinished, the paint and board and batten was up

but NOPE.

A little window snafu hit. While painting the trim, I noticed the paint wasn’t adhering, and the side of the window felt a little soft. Turned out not to be a major ordeal, our window guy came out and checked things out, recaulked, etc…then we were back in business.


(Have I said that yet??)

I can’t wait to share it with you, so let’s get down to the fun stuff: the pics!

Come on in!




Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Here’s the exact view, before…


Here’s another before…


And the same spot now…


We did a little ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ desk thing in here. We both blog, and spend many a night in here after the kiddos go to bed, editing pics, writing posts, etc. Above is my little spot – I chose a more feminine fabric for the chair, and soft blue for the desk. But I went a little more masculine for Paul’s chair/desk.

Let’s look at the before first:


And now:



The desk was purchased from Target (Threshold line), as was the lamp. The fabric (both his and mine) were from Hobby Lobby – you might remember when I painted this chair and reupholstered it a while back, in a navy/white print? So, yeah, this is what happens when Liz waits more than a week to do a makeover – I completely changed my color scheme! It was going to be yellow/navy/grey. I scratched that and went for this look instead. Never know what’s going on in this crazy brain of mine, I tell ya! (I tried to find the post on the chair, but it might have disappeared when the old blog got hacked in January. Boo.)

In addition to the desks, I decided to just add a small chair/table in the one remaining corner of the room:


This will come as a TOTAL shock to you, but that chair is also from Target! πŸ˜‰ I know, I know, I have a problem. I’m well aware. And yes, also the Threshold line. I mean, I can’t deny it. I’m a Threshold addict.

Wanna hear something else? The lamp on my blue desk is also Threshold. Maybe I should become a Threshold spokesperson? Is that a thing? Because I think that could be my calling.


I had that pillow, that little stool (a yard sale $3 score that I refinished!), and that basket. I love to shop my home, and these were just right. And those three white frames? You might recognize them from the old gallery wall in here, only they were black. Gotta love spray paint!

But let’s talk about some NON-Target accessories I picked up, hmmmm? (If you can believe that!)


I picked up that plant from Lowes, and found the perfect little container for it at Marshall’s. Also grabbed that picture frame ($4.99 – holla!), and clock ($9.99 – woohoo!) at Marshall’s. And I fell in love with that metal @ while at HomeGoods – thought it would be perfect for an office, right?!


Some other odds and ends:

The blinds are from Lowes – Style Selections in Pecan Finish.

The rug is an Overstock find. I decided with the prints going on in the chairs, that I would go neutral. (Remember how I moved the grey/white print one over to the Family Room?)

Floor plant is also from Lowes, and the pot is from Marshall’s.


Instead of a bulletin board, I spotted this at HomeGoods (same day I found the @ sign – it was a good day;). This keeps important things like appointment cards, invitations, cute photos I need to frame, in a neat burlap package. Thought the horizontal shape would be just right since we have the board and batten rockin’.

But I think my favorite part about this whole room is how light and bright it is. Check this out – I took this photo before the makeover began.


That would be my daughter playing Nick Jr. on the laptop IN THE DARK. IN THE MORNING. I remember we were just about to start the room, and thought, “I have GOT to capture how dark and dungeon-y it looks right now so I can compare.” In my mind I knew it would be so much brighter.

I was right:


Don’t you just love it when that happens?

This reminds me – one more thing I forgot to tell you about! That white stool is from Lowe’s. It’s a nice spot for the kids to perch on when they pop in to talk or if they’re waiting their turn for the computer. (And the real reason I bought it – to hide the not so attractive “underneath” of the desk! I. HATE. CORDS.)

So I think that about wraps it up! Hope you like it, and if there’s anything I forgot to discuss, comment away!

Thanks for being so patient in the Longest Makeover in History- you guys are the best!



  1. Bravo, Liz! This room looks amazing! And somehow, so much bigger. Such a transformation. And I swear, you have the best eye for stuff in stores!

  2. kate lempke says:

    what color are the walls

  3. Wow your office space looks amazing. It just feels so open and inviting. Your did a beautiful job and I love the pictures you took.

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! I also have light French gray throughout my house with teal accents! Love it!! I have the same wiod blinds at most of my windows too and always recommend them to clients! Kim told me we might share a brain!! Love how you pulled it all together!! The molding is to die for!

  5. Heather says:

    I love it, whole-heartedly! (My spell checker says that isn’t a word. . .) Only thing I’m wondering is, where did the printer go?

    • Thank you, Heather! We decided to stick it in the basement/playroom. We kept the monitor down there since it’s so big and bulky, and kept the printer down there with it, and just have the laptops in the office! Much prettier that way;)

  6. Donna Cawthon says:

    Awesome! So Light and Cheerie in comparison! Love your new room and all you do with your amazing finds!

  7. It turned out great! Everything looks beautiful!!

  8. Love it!!! I need to figure out how to decorate! Ha! It’s all the little finishing touches that I haven’t grasped yet!

  9. Rondell says:

    What a great office…you did a great job Liz. Love the color of your walls…French Gray!

  10. Samantha Hobbs says:

    I’m wondering… Did I miss where you got your blue table/desk? I love it! Actually the room is amazing.

  11. Love your new office! Just curious… where did you put your printer/scanner that was in the before pic?

    • Someone else asked this here too! It’s in the basement/playroom, along with the monitor. We decided to just keep the laptops up in the office!

  12. Sherri Smith says:

    So pretty! Great job πŸ™‚

    Have a super week!!


  13. GUSH!
    Light, Bright and So Beautiful.
    Hmm.. just like you :)))

  14. It looks fantastic, and so nice and bright and cheery – like only happy thoughts would be allowed in that room. πŸ™‚ Just curious, where did the printer go? My office needs a MAJOR overhaul; my handsome hubby and I share it, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Stefany says:

    Looks great! Loving the chairs, and the memo board was a great find. And the white garden stool looks amazing in there. Such a pretty home office πŸ™‚

  16. Looks amazing! Your husbands side really downsized! Where is his printer?

  17. Love your room! I am getting tired of my warm tones and trying to slowly move to cooler colors. Would you share the name of your white, please? White is just as tricky as grays. Enjoy your new office!

  18. What is the finish of your light french gray? It really changes up a color and I love the look of yours!!

  19. The office makeover looks great! Such a difference, like night and day literallu πŸ™‚ It’s so simple and so beautiful.

  20. Fantastic job!!!

  21. Ok, jealousy is a bad thing but I am so jealous! This is a gorgeous room! I pinned it for the future. I love everything about it.


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