$3 Yard Sale Bench Makeover

I just love a good yard sale find, don’t you? I found this little bench/stool guy that was $3 and the possibilities were endless. Wasn’t sure what room it was going to end up in, but I figured it would be cute somewhere after some paint and fabric TLC. I was looking at the one wall that’s been a thorn in my side in the family room (why can’t money just grow on trees? Then I’d be set! ;). I needed a fix until we can get the look I want, and this would fit the bill. I turned it into a little ‘place-to-put-my-coffee’ end table. I mean, really, that’s important, right?? Let me explain – I’ve got a monstrous chair on that wall. And a floor lamp. That’s about it. the rest of the room is coming together sooooo perfectly, but this little wall…drives me BATTY. I know what I want – a pair of smaller chairs with a sweet little table in between. My vision is lovely. But my vision also costs money, so I’m making do with what I have in the meantime. This little bench helps;)

I started with a trip to Hobby Lobby. I found some awesome chevron print fabric – in pretty much the EXACT color of my Sea Salt walls!! I just needed half a yard. I thought this was a good way to go – a trendy/hip pattern, like chevron, would bring this stool into 2012.

I mixed up some white chalk paint, and painted the legs. In my kitchen. With napkins “protecting” the floor. On the phone with one of my besties. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll.

Once it dried, I took it outside and sanded the legs a bit. I wanted to make them look a little distressed. Brought it inside, lifted the top and stapled the fabric.

Aaaaand we’re done.

So with the $4 fabric, this guy costs a whopping $7! Not bad.

I decided to give my gold $2 Yard Sale Tray a coat of silver spray paint (as you’ll see in the reveal, there’s a good bit of silver, looking glass, etc in the room). I also switched up the paper inside – recognize this?

It’s the map paper that I used on the Mapped Out End Table. I love it, and the colors are just right.

Without giving too much away, the thorn in my side chair is to the right of it;). I have to say, it’s helping my anti-monster chair feelings – and I love that I now have a spot to place my book/magazine/coffee/wine/what-have-you.

And I really love the price tag;).

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