Family Room Makeover! FINALLY!!

I can’t even contain my excitement you guys!!


Get ready for lots of annoying caps and exclamation points – my apologies in advance. It’s just that we are finally here – the completion of the longest makeover in history, our family room!

family room makeover

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out – and my mom had an excellent point when we were talking the other day. She said, “you know, I think it’s because you really took your time and thought every last detail through.” And there is really something to be said for that. I have such a difficult time with that – patience, when it comes to decor, is not my strong suit, and it’s hard to wait for just the right thing. But I didn’t rush anything this time around, and thought and thought (and thought!) about everything. From what curtains, to what color (Revere Pewter), to what chairs, to what lighting…and now it has all come together and I’m going to bombard you with pictures! 🙂

But first, let’s take a look back for a moment…

Here’s what our old family room looked like before – exactly a year ago, as you can tell by the Fall accents!…

buying a rug


buying a rug


buying a rug

Then that wall with the TV and bookcases came down!

family room progress

We decided to do that because the home office (you can take a look at that right here) was just becoming a dumping ground. Ever have that room that just becomes the place you throw stuff when you don’t know where else to put it? They’re a blessing and a curse. It’s like the more room you have to do that, the messier you become. And I basically blog from a laptop so there’s no need for both my husband and I to have our own desks. We thought it would be a much better use of space to expand the family room instead. We decided to turn the office closet into the office, with a desk and chair in there (haven’t finished that yet – it’s gonna be a whooooole thing, but it’s definitely fine for now).

Remember this photo:

new plan

We had our work cut out for us! Then Fall hit with a vengeance – back to school, back to extracurricular sports and activities that fill up the weekends, and then came back to back eye surgeries for my poor husband and his retinas. It started to feel like we were NEVER EVER going to get it all done.

The holidays were around the corner, and my husband took off a personal day from work just to work on the house, did a bunch of trim and we still had a good bit left. There are simply not enough hours when you’ve got young kids, am I right? So my husband had the BEST IDEA EVER and suggested we call “The Guys.” These would be the guys who tore down the wall and do all the stuff that’s out of our wheelhouse. They came within a couple days and got started, cranked it out in just over a day. Best money we could ever spend. Know your limits people, and when you need help, GO FOR IT.

So with the board and batten and crown done, I just needed to slap some paint on them, and do allllll the fun stuff! Hooray! I gave myself till Thanksgiving and it may have come down TO THE WIRE, but I did it;)

But first…let’s rewind one more time. (I’m sorry – I am just ALL OVER THE PLACE right now, it’s all this excitement getting to me!)

Here’s a view from the old office – that long wall on the right is the one we tore down:

old office

I can’t even tell you what a wonderful decision it was to take that wall down. While I liked our office, and it was pretty to look at, it just wasn’t completely needed. We put a little nook in the back corner, and the five of us LIVE in this big room all together. It feels really good. My husband has a side photography job, and he can be editing photos in the office nook, while the kids are doing homework at the built-in bench, and I am reading or watching TV – it’s seriously amazing.

I will do more posts after this one in the upcoming weeks with more details, but for now, let’s just look at more pretty pictures, mmmmkay?

new family room

family room makeover

family room makeover

Remember that $10 dresser turned entertainment center?!!! Still swoon on a daily basis over that.

And that $5 table/desk in the right corner?

And can we just have a moment for the fact that I HAVE NOT KILLED THE FIDDLE LEAF TREE YET????

No one is as shocked as I am about THAT one.

family room makeover

There’s my little wreath and ladder🙂 Love that.

family room makeover

I’m still 100% obsessed with my shag rug. I think it really cozies up the space, and is a nice mix with my chunky jute one. You can see in that pic above, the transition piece of wood where the wall came down. They did a great job matching our existing hardwoods, didn’t they?

new family room

Other than the It’s So Good To Be Home sign (Hobby Lobby), everything on the sofa wall is stuff I already had. Took the W from the dining room (rearranged in there so didn’t have a spot anyway anymore!), and the frames were from the old gallery wall. I stole the 5 from the basement, but I stuck a picture frame in its place so we’re good;) SHOP YOUR HOME – I always say that because it is so helpful and will save you money! Another example- the clock from the dining room is here now, and I made that shiplap in a frame to replace it in the dining room! Win-win:) In fact, now that I think about it, everything on the walls in here, with the exception of the Full of Grace sign above the TV (Hobby Lobby), was stuff I had. Either in storage from a while ago waiting for the perfect place, or in the old family room.

family room makeover

As for the curtains – I decided to go with the monochromatic look because there are FIVE windows in here and I was concerned that if I went with a print, A) I’d get tired of it and B) that’d be a lot of print goin’ on in one room. This way, the solid linen curtains (from Hobby Lobby that I added a strip of ribbon to) add an element of warmth and texture without overpowering the room. And from the very beginning, I knew I’d only do the one curtain panel on each wall (with the exception of the big window). With the way the bench and the tv are set up, this is the only way it works. Yes, I was a little scared it would look a little off, but it really doesn’t to me. I like that it’s a little different. (See – I wasn’t kidding when I said I THOUGHT THIS OUT;) ).

Can we just look at my little nook again? This is my favorite.

family room makeover

We just use the heck out of that little corner, and I’m not sure anything else would have been a better use of that little space. And it stores all kinds of office-y stuff and sports equipment, which is awesome. Thankful for talented handy friends who can execute my crazy ideas…because every once in a while I’ve got a winner;)

family room makeover

So that about wraps it up! I linked up all the old posts that might clear up some things if you’re a new reader – but if you have any questions about anything, shoot! Maybe I’ll throw them all together in a future post!

family room makeover

Good thing I made the Thanksgiving deadline I gave myself – now that you’ve seen this in all it’s glory, I’m gonna bust out the Christmas bins on Friday and get to work! You’ll be able to see it all over again – this time minus the orange and instead with red and green;)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don’t squeeze another post in before then. I am beyond thankful for YOU and your kindness and loyalty over the years. I feel like I know so many of you, and you feel like family. I wish you and yours a beautiful, safe, happy Thanksgiving. XOXO!


  1. I am now reciting “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” in my head. Seriously though, I love the flow. It can be hard to make a long and lean living room work, but you have done it (and seamlessly I might add). I need a homework nook in my house now. I can’t wait to see what the closet-turned-office looks like. Give yourself (and the hubby and the handyman) a well deserved pat on the back.

  2. I’ve recently started reading your blog and your home is beautiful! I too “shop” my house ALL the time and change things around constantly! Glad to know I’m not the only person who does this! Thanks for such a relatable blog! I always look forward to your posts!

  3. Ashlie Howe. says:

    Oh Liz 😍😍 it’s juts amazing. You have some serious skills. I love every detail and I cannot wait to see the office.

  4. Loved the family room before, but this room is now fantastic. So warm and inviting. Great job!

  5. It turned out beautifully Liz!! I bet you are loving all that extra space! We did the same and I had planned all along to add a little built in spot to the corner like you did, but we never did it. Now I want to! Enjoy this room over the holidays!

    • Thank you so much, Sarah! We really are – best house decision we ever made! 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season in that GORGEOUS home of yours! XO

  6. Looks amazing! Can you tell me where you purchased the window blinds from? Thanks – and happy thanksgiving!

    • Thanks, Carrie! They’re from Lowes – they’ve been discontinued, but I know Home Depot carries very similar ones:)

  7. Wow! This room looks great, Liz. So worth the wait 😃 I am looking forward to seeing it all decorated for Christmas!

    Happy Thanksgiving…

  8. Kara Mondy says:

    Love the family room Liz! It looks amazing!! Where did you get your floor lamp (the one by the entrance, near the loveseat)?

  9. April Benson says:

    I love it Liz!!! I love the colors and the way it functions. So when are you flying to Colorado??

  10. I love it! Makes me want to come over 😉

  11. Michelle Neel says:

    Love the revere pewter, did you lighten it any?

  12. Where did you get the table lamp in the little nook?

  13. Love the color of the walls!! What is it? I’m looking to repaint my DR that comes off my kitchen (not open concept but there’s a door to it) and I painted my KIT your fabulous Rainwashed!! (Thanks to your blog) . So what’s this? Also, my LR and DR do connect so I may pull this neutral color into LR too! Or a different shade of it. We will be selling in a year or so, so am trying to find neutrals that I love!! Help! Thanks – love your blog!

    • This is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – I love it too! Good luck to you! Thanks so much for your kind words:) Glad you like the blog!

  14. Elizabeth Stiles says:

    What did you do with the IKEA bookshelves?

  15. Where did you get the pillow with the family dates?

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