Staining a Table and a New Shag Rug

A two-for-one today! Another Project Nook post – it’s really coming along and has totally become my favorite spot. I am here ALL. THE. TIME. Can’t find me? Look in the nook first, chances are good I’m hanging out right here:

stained table and new rug

Seriously. Talk about the best idea we ever had, sticking a nook back here. We are really using the space a TON. Everyone loves it. For morning coffee and the paper, for homework, for blogging, for unwinding with a glass of wine, for reading…it’s awesomesauce and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Did I tell you I love it?

ANYwho – let’s dive into some business. Let’s talk about that table. Remember I bought it unfinished? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint it or stain it, but in the end, I went with stain. I wanted a light to medium so it didn’t stand out too much. I wanted it to blend more than stick out and take over the space. Lucky for me, I got to practice underneath! I tried Special Walnut at first – WAY too dark for what I was envisioning – which I figured it would be, but I had some on hand so I decided why not see? I ended up with Minwax Weathered Oak. It’s my new fave. I love it. So light, but dark enough. It’s a nice, nice stain. Before I wiped it on with a clean cloth, I applied some Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner to it – I’ve been reading that it’s a great idea, and I didn’t want to mess this table up.


So I just took the table outside first thing in the morning, followed the directions on the can (easy peasy) for the conditioner, then the stain (two coats), then the wax that night. Annnnnnnd we have a smooth, finished table!

stained table

stained table

Wanna chat about the new rug now!?

new rug

So you know how hard I think choosing rugs can be, right? I devoted an entire post to it. It’s HARD. And time consuming. But I knew I didn’t want anything natural fiber-y b/c we had one in there before (and we have one in the other section of the family room so it was time to jazz things up). And I knew it didn’t want a ton of color. And I have always loved the shag rug thing – I mean, they are SO SOFT. Talk about adding more texture.

I kept seeing this particular rug. Over and over. It was on Rugs USA. The reviews were good. the size was PERFECT. It’s a 6×6 and that is literally the exact size I wanted for this spot. I showed my decorating partner in crime, my middle child, and she loved it;) I decided to sleep on it, and make up my mind in the morning. I take rug buying VERY serious, people. Very serious.

I wake up, with my mind pretty much made up that I’m gonna click the button and order it. But one more google image search first…because you never know…

Are you ready for what happens next?


I mean, what other sign did I need?! No wonder I was gravitating towards it so much! If it’s good enough for Jojo, then I am S-O-L-D. I squealed like a little girl and showed my daughter (who’s equally obsessed with Chip and Jo), and she agreed – “YES. THAT IS THE ONE, MOMMY. GET IT.”

Two days later (I mean, Rugs USA is QUICK!), it was here and we were all smitten. I mean, walking barefoot on a shag rug is just amazing. And everyone who has seen it agrees that the size looks like it was custom made for this space! You can see here in this pic – the grey chairs on the bottom corner that divide the rest of the room, and the office closet nook (that still hasn’t been touched. We’re getting there;) – it’s the perfect size.

shag rug

So that’s the latest in the Family Room. Tons left to do, but it’s slowly but surely coming together. Glad to check off the table and rug this week!

Stay tuned for more fun coming (hopefully!) soon!


  1. Oh my gosh – I love it! I’ve been wanting to create a nook off of our kitchen for years and this would be perfect! Of course I know you won’t mind if I copy you right? What’s the saying? “Imitation is the best form of flattery”, right?

  2. Christin Smith says:

    Where did you get your pillows you have on your bench seating?

  3. I love how this came together. It looks so cozy! I love the simple fall decore on the table too!


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