A New Favorite Paint Color, The Quest for The Perfect Table, and a Whole Lotta Work To Do!

So much to talk about, friends!

First up, those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram saw some pics this week of the family room getting painted. I know, my heart ached painting over my beloved Sea Salt, but you know I also love me some change! (Plus, I’ve still got my Sea Salt in my bedroom!) I figured, we had to paint this room one way or another, now that we knocked the wall down. So do we paint the old office side Sea Salt to match the family room side, or match the old family room side Light French Grey to match the old office side? After chatting with Mr. ND about it, we agreed why not go a whole new route! I love that he’s always up for my shenanigans;) So I’ve been majorly crushing on greige-y taupe lately. There’s something so perfectly soothing about it.  And since I’m always changing the colors up in here with seasons, it’s the perfect neutral. I’m never one to go bold on the walls because I just change my mind too darn much! So now I can swap out colorful pillows, blankets, etc., if the mood strikes, and not have to repaint all the live long day.

So over the summer, I’d bought quite a few samples. All in the taupe family. None were right. Too dark. Too pinky. Just not right. Then I’d been thinking a lot about Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. It’s one of those colors I see ALL THE TIME in magazines, blogs – it’s a popular one. And then my mom cut out a picture in a magazine of a color she thought I’d love…and it was Revere Petwer! It was a sign. I had to get over to Benjamin Moore and get some.

But it’s not the most convenient paint store in our area. There’s a Sherwin Williams right around the corner, so I tend to get my paint there. Well, I was chatting with a friend at the pool a few weeks ago who told me she used Revere Pewter in her home and had SW (RIGHT UP THE STREET) mix it for her! So they could do it! WHY DIDN’T I JUST THINK OF THAT?! You KNOW the next day I grabbed a sample, right?! As soon as it went up on my wall I instantly knew. I feel like with paint colors, when you know, you just know. And I KNEW. This was the greige of my dreams.

And now that the kids are back in school, I got to work. And I am in love.

Ready to see??

Revere Pewter

It is such a chameleon color I can’t even tell you. Well, actually that’s a lie because I’m telling you right now. But you know what I mean. Every minute of the day it changes. I look at one wall, it’s full on grey. I turn around, it’s full on tan. It’s crazy. And by crazy I mean awesome.

So now that we’ve talked about the amazingly perfect paint color that is Revere Pewter, let’s chat about another Facebook and Instagram topic this week: my table.

I found THE table. (Some of you have asked, here’s the link – found it on good ol’ Amazon). It’s unfinished, which I LOVED because then I could really make it what I wanted, and the perfect little size for our new nook area.

new nook

Backtracking, but that paint looks grey, right?! I’m staring at the wall right now and it’s tan. Cross my heart. It’s bizarre.

So I imagined the table being black at first. But once I saw it in the room, that’s definitely not the route to take. If my dark grey chairs weren’t so close, maybe. It just feels like it was steal the show too much if it were dark. Now that I see it in this light state, I think that’s better. So I’m going to go with a light to medium rustic stain and see how I feel about that. I loved all your ideas – thank you for your input on social media!!

And let’s chat about allllll we have to do here while we’re at it?

new plan

Just a few things;) And that’s just on ONE side of the room!! My husband has said we’d start some board and batten or moulding this weekend, so fingers crossed on that one…we’ve certainly got our work cut out for us.

As exciting as all this is, I have to say, the REAL breaking news is the fact that I’ve kept THIS TREE ALIVE FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS!!!

fiddle leaf fig tree

I know. I’m pretty blown away too.

(And we’re replacing that crown moulding with a wider one – I’m not just a really, really bad painter, for those of you wondering about that;) 

So that’s what’s going on over here. We had our Fantasy Football draft here last night and it was the most people I think that have been over since the wall came down and the nook was built…and it was amazing. We all could actually breathe and be together in this one room. Taking that wall down was the smartest move we ever made to this house!

You know I’ll be keeping you posted on all the goings-on, and as always, thanks for reading! Have a wonderful long weekend!




  1. I used Revere Pewter in my dining room! Love it!

  2. Love wide molding! Can’t wait to see it! Seems like your house has endless possibilities, you are lucky!

  3. I’ve been considering a navy color for a side table. Would that be too “heavy” for yours?

  4. So pretty! This room looks amazing.

    Have a happy weekend…

  5. Great pics! My eyes keep coming back to your rug. Can you tell me where you got it? Does it have a style name and color? I recently painted my home office, kitchen, entryway, and family room Revere Pewter. Every room is painted the same color and yet each looks different…sometimes. Sometimes they all look the same. I love it!

    • Thanks, Jenn! Yes, the rug is from Rugs USA – it’s called Chunky Maui Jute (or Maui Chunky Jute – can never remember;)

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