Rearranging the Family Room and Bringing on Fall!

It’s officially Fall, my friends! We felt it for about 24 hours here in Maryland this week, and now it’s like 90 again. But since the calendar told me Fall is here, I went ahead and got out the bins the other day. I feel pretty boring as a blogger, because every Fall is pretty […]

Cozy Up Your Home with These Two Things

Who isn’t in the mood to just get cozy this time of year, right?! In the warm months, I’m all about streamlining and minimizing…but come October man, I go the totally opposite direction. The temperature drops, it get dark at 5pm, and I become a total homebody that just wants to stay snuggled up on […]

Using What You Have: Paint Those Pumpkins!

Before I begin, I have to give you all a HUGE cyber hug for your love on my last post. I loved reading every one of your comments! Thank you for your love, happiness and prayers. I feel all of it and it keeps me going! (In case you missed it – I flew across […]

A Simple Fall Table

*This page contains affiliate links for your convenience. For more information, see the FTC guidelines here.*   I know – two posts in one week, you can’t even believe it, right?! šŸ˜‰ Thanks for all your love on the new kitchen shelves! You all are just the best. Today I’d like to share with you […]

BOO! Halloween Mason Jars

Happy First Day of FALL!!!!! I do love this season. I hear it MIGHT just fall below 80 degrees next week, so fingers crossed:) It’s hard to get all pumped and decorating for Fall when I’m sweating in a tanktop and flip flops, but I did try my hand at a Halloween craft idea last […]

DIY Halloween Pinwheel Wreath

It’s in the 90s as I type this, and has been ALL. WEEK. We’re heading to the pool today. Some schools in the area have been closed due to heat.Ā And the thought of wearing anything but flip flops seems like it’s forever away. Yet today, I made a Halloween craft. Say what? You see, I […]

DIY Fall Paper Leaf Garland

I don’t know if it’s the DIY Book Page Wreath I made a few weeks ago or what, but I can’t seem to stop trying to find ways to decorate with paper these days! It’s so fun, and one of – if not THE – cheapest way to decorate! I mean, what’s not to love? […]

DIY Book Page Sunburst-Starburst-Wreath?? Or We Can Just Call It My Freebie Art Challenge

Ok, let me explain that title. One day last week, after making my DIY Happy Fall Easy-Peasy Banner for the Decorative Window, I moved this cuteĀ little wreath to that spot on the wall to the left of it… Ok, you can only see half of it, but you get the point. That little wreath was […]

A Simple Touch of Fall in the Dining Room

As you know from my last post, I’ve started Fall-ifying the house. I get SO sad every year when Summer ends, then the second I open up these bins, my love for Fall comes back to me. I start adding all the orangey touches and pumpkins around the house, andĀ I remember how much I adore […]

An Easy DIY Fall Banner

You might remember that amazeballs old window my friend just GAVE me earlier in the year. I couldn’t believe my luck when she told me she had a window and would I want it? Ummmm…YES PLEASE! It’s been a lovely addition to our family room, and something I love changing up withĀ seasonal stuff – usually […]