Cozy Up Your Home with These Two Things

Who isn’t in the mood to just get cozy this time of year, right?! In the warm months, I’m all about streamlining and minimizing…but come October man, I go the totally opposite direction. The temperature drops, it get dark at 5pm, and I become a total homebody that just wants to stay snuggled up on my couch with my people.

To me, when it comes to cozying up my home, two elements are involved:

Texture and layering.

The more textures and layers the better! Baskets, ottomans, rugs ON TOP of rugs!…

Mix all different materials. Velvet pillows with chunky sweater-y ones. Natural fibers and shag. Throw your softest blanket on the corner of the couch. Hang one on a ladder. Throw one in a basket. (Ok, I *may* have a slight throw blanket obsession)

Mix it all, layer it all. And feel the coziness just ooze out of the room.

Now go put your favorite slippers and flannel pjs on, plop on the couch, light a pumpkin-y scented candle, and bask in your cozy home. Your house is ready for this season!

Happy snuggling:)


  1. This seems like lovely advice. And practical, too! I have a 99-year old house that just never feels warm. We could use throw blankets all around the living room 🙂

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