Using What You Have: Paint Those Pumpkins!

Before I begin, I have to give you all a HUGE cyber hug for your love on my last post. I loved reading every one of your comments! Thank you for your love, happiness and prayers. I feel all of it and it keeps me going! (In case you missed it – I flew across the country to LA for 48 hours, met Debbie Gibson and saw Dancing With The Stars. It was crazy and you can click here to read alllll about it!)

Now for today’s post…I’ve got a super easy but super transformative project for ya!

I had a BUNCH of these bright, plastic pumkins from years past. I was going to donate them and buy some more neutral ones for this year, but then I got to thinking…

I bet a little craft paint would fix them right up and I can save some bucks!

painting pumpkins

I had some Antique White craft paint laying around, so I figured, what the heck?!

painting pumpkins

painting pumpkins

Sooo, as you can see in that pic, I wasn’t THE best at keeping my painted fingers away from the stems, but all in all, they turned out pretty cute!

painting fake pumpkins

I used some in this little wooden box on the side table in our dining room, and mixed some in with apples in our centerpiece...

Fall dining room

Fall dining room

painting white pumpkins

(Sign from Michaels last year, lamp from Target, greens from Hobby Lobby, and wooden box from a yard sale – fifty cents, baby!)

So maybe you’ve got a bunch of these laying around and are looking for a more neutral shade, or you want to go bold with some out of the box colorful ones – or you saw some at the dollar store but they just weren’t right – maybe a little craft paint is all you need to achieve your look!

painted pumpkins

Have an awesome weekend, friends! XO


  1. Anything you do looks amazing! Wish I had your talent!

  2. Anne Lepczyk says:

    You are in my prayers!! So glad you took your trip to LA. Sounds like it was fate. Love ya, cousin!!!

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