BOO! Halloween Mason Jars

Happy First Day of FALL!!!!!

I do love this season. I hear it MIGHT just fall below 80 degrees next week, so fingers crossed:) It’s hard to get all pumped and decorating for Fall when I’m sweating in a tanktop and flip flops, but I did try my hand at a Halloween craft idea last week.

I had some mason jars on hand, leftover from a recent Craft Night, and went into my craft paint stash and saw I had some orange, yellow, white, and black in there…

…and my favorite letter stencils from Hobby Lobby that I think have been discontinued, sadly:( I bought mine about 5 years ago and I haven’t seen them online or in the store, but they were called “Rustic 4 inch letter stencils” and I have used them TO DEATH!

So the wheels were spinning, and before I knew it, the painters tape was out and the paint was poured.

BOO jars

Yep, the only paper plate I had was from our Fantasy Football draft;) Hey, whatever works, right?!

After I taped them up, I used my foam brushes to paint the bottom orange and top white. I peeled off the tape and used yet another foam brush and did the yellow middle strip. (Sorry, bad blogger and forgot pics of these steps!)

I was going to have all the colors touch, but I have zero patience for paint to dry, so I just painted a strip of yellow without touching (otherwise the colors would have all bled and it would’ve been a mess). Turns out, I dig the little space between colors!

After that dried (I DID have to wait a few minutes for that. TORTURE. 😉 ), I taped my stencil letters on the jar and used a little brush and black craft paint to paint on the letters ‘b-o-o.’ It was a little tricky, being that it’s a round surface, but if you’re careful, you’ll be fine.

BOO jars

Once everything was all nice and dry, I sanded them a little, to make them look a bit chippy and distressed. I love chippy and distressed. 🙂

Then, I poured some popcorn kernels in them, and stuck a battery operated candle in each one. How I LOVE me some battery operated candles! So much safer.

Boo jars


BOO jars

BOO mason jars

You could fill them with fall leaf stems (fake or real), or anything your heart desires. They make a great craft night (just have to find different stencils – or you could even just go freehand!), so grab your friends and get craftin’!

Happy Fall!


  1. Love it! It reminds me of the mummy jars you did years ago! I still have mine because I made them too!

  2. Adorable!!! Perfect for Halloween 😃

    Have a great night and happy fall!

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