The Closet-to-Office (AKA Cloffice!) Makeover

Stick a fork in it, it is D-O-N-E, friends!

After what feels like forever, the cloffice is 100% complete, and we couldn’t be happier! There’s a lot to talk about here, and I’ll be writing additional posts with all the details on each part, because it’d be one gigantic blog post if I tried to squeeze it all in here! So this will be more of just a bunch of fun before and after pics:)

We were talking last night about when we had the wall removed. When that wall came down, our home office disappeared, and became part of our new larger family room. So where would we blog? (Yes, my husband writes a sports blog, in addition to his 87 hobbies and side jobs. The man is a machine). Where would the kids work on projects and write papers for school? No, we didn’t need an entire room for a computer, but we definitely needed some little nook or space. Enter the cloffice.

There was a closet in our old office (which, by the way, in case you’ve never seen it, check out this post from 2014 when we made over the office!). It had bifold doors, and held our coats and winter stuff. You can see a little of it in this pic – sorry, it was the best I had for a visual!

What if we used that space for a little office? Perfect! We solved the coats dilemma by putting UP a wall where the door was to the office, creating a space to hang hooks. (You can check that out by clicking HERE). Sorry if you’ve been around a while and knew all this, but I just thought I’d catch everyone up to speed:)

Soooooo that was May of 2016. Meaning it’s been almost two years of living with THIS:

Oh. My.

Finally- and I don’t know where the motivation came from – but we decided it was time to tackle it! My husband built a desk and added a mini sliding barn door, I added some planks to give it a shiplap look and painted, and built some shelves. Add some accessories and here we are now!

We love it so much! It’s such a nice space to work. Let me tell you about all the goodies…

That lamp is from Hobby Lobby and I LOVE it. It’s tallish, and thinish – like it was made for this space!

Check out the hole my husband drilled behind the lamp, so the cord can disappear!

That sign was one of my Friday Faves a couple weeks ago;) It’s from Marshall’s. And how cute is that notepad?! Hearth and Hand line from Target, as is this adorable mini calendar…

…and also the flat rattan basket I have on the wall. It’s my Inspiration board and I love the contrast next to the dark blue walls – oh! By the way, the paint is Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue.

My husband made the desk and mini door. We bought the hardware on Amazon – I’ll be doing a post with all the nitty gritty. God love him, I have these ideas and no idea how to logistically make it all happen, and he figures it out. He did an amazing job. I wanted all the unsightly stuff hidden, but still able to access of course, so voila!

This makes me so happy. I HATE cords.

I found that cute hanging plant and macrame from Michaels, and the chalkboard (which is reversible with cork on the back) and grey magazine holders from Target. Two of them fit like a glove in that little space. That used to look like this:

It was such wasted space, I knew I had to build some sort of shelving. I’ll have all the details on that too in an upcoming post.

And my very first purchase was this organizer from Marshalls – I had barely a vision at that point but I knew it would be completely perfect on this itty bitty wall:

Those corbels are from Hobby Lobby – I doubled them up though, so two are on each side. One just looked a little dinky, so I beefed it up a bit by putting two together.

I already had the chair – we have 8 of these for our dining room, and we only use 6 – the extra two are for when we have people joining us, so that’s what we’re using now. I always pictured a linen/light wood combo chair here, but this is totally ok with me for the time being. I made the make it happen sign hanging above – I’ll post about that, too!

Some people were wondering where exactly the office is in our family room, so here’s a bigger shot. It’s tucked in the corner behind the grey chair, and across from the nook!

It’s funny, as much as I love this cloffice in the daytime, I think it’s my very favorite at night. It’s just cozy and feels nice:)

So I think that about wraps up the tour – will be back later this week with more posts about the desk, the shelves, and anything else you have questions about!

Thanks for being patient with me – it only took us two years, but now that it’s done, I can say it was worth it;)


  1. Love it! Is the basket/inspiration board from Target or somewhere else?

  2. It’s just right! I love your intelligent use of space here!

  3. Looks great!! Love it!

  4. Maggie Orta says:

    Awesome as usual

  5. Um, like, wow Liz. Your office looks amazing! What a space saver and so pretty. I love the blue planks. Thanks for the inspiration! Julie

  6. says:

    Love this look, you did a great job!

  7. Anne Lepczyk says:

    That’s great looking and very clever !

  8. I LOVE it! I think my favorites are: the wall color/barn door/your Make it Happen sign…great job!,,

  9. janegrochmal says:

    It really looks amazing. Great job, as always, love, mom

  10. Love love love this. I am have closet office that needs a facelift. What color did you paint it? Thank you!

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