When You Can’t Find The Perfect Table…You Make One for $14! (And a New Rug for the Nook!)

I am SO excited to share this project with you today! As you might know from previous posts/Instastories/Facebook, we’re giving the nook a fresh new look. It all started when I moved the round table that was there…this one:

…over to the other side of the family room when we rearranged in here:

So that left us table-less and got me thinking, maybe it’d be fun to switch up the look in here. Maybe a low, more coffee table type instead of the tall table. My mom has a cute one in her basement she let me test out:

Super cute, but of course, she bought that from Home Goods or Marshalls (now I can’t remember!) but either way, not something I can go back and find a couple years later!

So THEN, I did that ottoman makeover:

Are you keeping up with this Give a Mouse a Cookie scenario ok?! I know, it’s a lot;)

But once the fresh, white and blue ottomans were in here, the creamy shag rug wasn’t vibing. And then it dawned on me – that shag rug is so cozy and perfect in the fall and winter months, but maybe I should switch it up for the spring and summer?! It’s not a big space, so it’s not like it would totally break the bank, and you know how much I love changing things up for the seasons! 🙂 I mentioned it to my husband and he was 100% on board and agreed, the shag just didn’t feel right with the Springier look we had going on. (I honestly thought he would look at me like I was crazy, so this was shocking…but in an awesome way! Major props to Mr. ND for getting me;).

The rug search was a toughie, because I had not only one, but TWO rugs to work around. You can see in that photo above there, we have the larger jute rug, then a smaller taupe-y/greige-y-blue faded vintage looking rug on top. So whatever rug I picked, it would have to go with those two.

And then it hit me. Those jute/blue combo rugs! PERFECT! I found a 6×6 on Overstock and IT CAME THE NEXT DAY. WHAT?!! I loved it immediately. (Click here for the link)

So Springy/Summery, and so perfect with the other rugs!!

So that’s the rug…now, let’s talk about the table I chose!

I am telling you, my very favorite projects have stemmed from not being able to find what I’m looking for. I looked and looked and looked. And then looked some more. I was finding perfect tables…only to find out they were either way above the budget, or way too big…or way too low. It’s a very small nook, so the size was a challenge. But my creativity really kicks up a notch when I am desperate;). That’s how my scalloped wall was born, and so many other projects. It makes me think outside the box, and I get determined to find a way to not break the bank account and have what I want.

Enter this table. This FOURTEEN DOLLAR TABLE.


Ok, so let me tell you the details. I’ve had that base for a few years. Found it on the local yard sale website, one of my FB friends was actually selling it, and it was $5. I didn’t even really know what I needed it for, but it was FIVE DOLLARS. I grabbed it, and it was originally a dark espresso/black wood. It was a little beat up, so I gave it a new look with Alabaster and sanded it so the dark wood would show through.

All of a sudden the other night it hit me like a ton of bricks! I always see those round unfinished wood pieces at Home Depot and Lowes – I’ve always wanted to do a project with them, like a DIY Lazy Susan, something…so I headed to Home Depot the next day and grabbed one. I was expecting about $20…and it was only NINE! (Sorry for all the caps, but CRAZY, right?!)

That is quite possible the worst photo I’ve ever shared on here – it was with my phone and apparently I was shaking;) Sorry about that, I could’ve sworn I had a decent one!

But I digress.

I stained it with some Minwax Weathered Oak that I had here, and used liquid nails to secure it. I plan on either waxing it or a coat of poly to protect it, but I haven’t done that yet.

I am in love with this sweet little table.

And it cost a total of $14. I can’t even.

We got the biggest laugh this morning, as I mentioned to my husband and kids that this wouldn’t look that great against the shag rug, so we’ll probably get a new table in the fall – because that’s totally normal, right?! I mean, doesn’t everyone have seasonal rugs and tables?! Ha! Then it spiraled out of control and the kids were saying “what about the fall/winter lamp? Should we get a fall/winter TV too?” We were belly laughing. But for $14 I can totally justify finding a new table when the time comes;)

It’s only 24 inches in diameter, but it’s kinda nice to have a smaller table over here. The nook feels bigger, and it’s a nice spot for a cup of coffee. We’d like to get some nice, plush cushions for the bench seats, so it’s a comfier spot to read and hang out. Also, I’ve got a really fun light fixture over here now, that I’m just waiting on one thing to finish up so I can show you- if you think this was thrifty, just you wait! 🙂

I hope this encourages you to think outside the box when what you’re looking for isn’t working out…you might be surprised to find the perfect thing is right under your nose…and for a fraction of the cost!

Happy creating!


  1. Windy Tevelde says:

    I absolutely LOVE this table! I would find a new fall or either rug and keep the table…..or idk, both? Lol

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