Favorite Things Friday #19

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Happy Friday!

Man, this week flew by! I mean, they all do really, but this one felt especially quick. Anyone else? Hard to believe it’s already time to talk Favorite Things, but let’s do it! 🙂

1. Wonder

Goodness, is this book amazing. Have you read it? My daughter’s book club read it a few years ago and she begged me to read it because she loved it so much. I am SO SO SO glad I did, and if you haven’t read it, I urge you to do so, and have every child you know do the same! We watched the movie together as a family last weekend and all five of us absolutely loved it. I’m pretty certain I cried the entire one hour and 53 minutes, but it was worth it. The lessons we can learn from this movie/book…oh my. Talk about some powerful, important conversations. Seriously. I wish it could be required reading for the WORLD. In my opinion, the book was better – I mean, isn’t that usually the way it goes?! – but only because it dove into things a little deeper than the movie could. Here’s an affiliate link to the book AND movie (respectively) in case you want to check out either/both: (just grab the tissues first!)


2. Yard Sales!

Oh do I love me a good yard sale! And thanks to Facebook, there’s even more! We have a local page where people sell stuff, and not only do I find great stuff on there, but I sell stuff which allows me to be my crazy mind-changing self all the time. See, I can justify wanting to switch things up all the time with my decor when I can sell it and have money to buy new stuff;). And it really helps when your storage is out of control and you want to declutter a bit. I sold a bunch of little things this week and therefore am able to buy a couple things for the cloffice!

Some of my favorite things I’ve found on our local Facebook yard sale page was this $10 dresser:

It used to look like this!

That thing is SO solid and well made, I can’t even believe what a find that was!!

And I love my $5 flip top desk/table that has moved around over the past few years and currently morphed into a plant stand:

Used to look like this:

And my little $10 latest find:

That white table used to look like this:

So if you’re one who loves a good project and saving money, keep your eyes open for yard sales, and see if your neighborhood has a page! And if you have some really cute stuff that you just aren’t using anymore, don’t let it collect dust when someone else might enjoy it – it’s a great way to make some extra cash…I know from experience;)


3. Marshalls 

How fun is this store?! It’s always got something I didn’t even know I wanted…like Rae Dunn mugs, cute pillows, candles…and always budget-friendly. I saw this little sign the other day, and I just had to take it home with me. And for $6.99, I didn’t even feel guilty…

So stinking sweet, right? Love it. And it’s right in a spot I see all day long, so it makes me smile. I love when I can treat myself to something that brings me joy while just spending a few bucks. Marshall’s is the perfect place for that.  I live WAY too close to one, that’s probably another reason why I love it so!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and see some sunshine and warm days! We might get the sunshine part here, but I’m afraid the warm part isn’t happening for a while;) As always, thanks for stopping by! XO


  1. Re: Wonder – same for me; my daughter read it at school and the I read it and like bed it. We saw the movie a few months ago and I found myself sobbing by the end! So many great lessons!

    Love your reminders of your great deals – I think my fav is your dresser turned into tv hutch. So perfect for your living room!

    Happy Friday!

    • Thank you, Lynn!! That’s probably my very favorite ever too:) What a DEAL!!!
      Have a wonderful week! XO

  2. I bought Wonder a couple of years ago at your recommendation for my gdaughters to read. I read it too and we went to see the movie. We loved it. Great read!

  3. I just LOVE your blog. I discovered you a few weeks back through another blog I follow. Thank you so much for letting us in to your life and sharing your talent with us. You are such a blessing. I wanted to know what the wooden beads ( for lack of proper term) are that are in the picture with the “When I Count My Blessings” sign. I love them! Where do I find them?

    • Oh my gosh, Sarah, that is just the nicest thing to say, thank you!! It means so much! And that’s exactly what I would call the beads too;), I spotted them on clearance at Target a couple months ago! Thank you again, have a blessed day!

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