When You Spot a $10 Table…

You guys know I love a good deal, right?!

So when this cutie popped up on my Facebook feed on the local yard sale page, I knew I had to grab it!

It had this leather top that wasn’t in the best shape, but I don’t mind such things;) I knew I could use it somewhere, and I mean, for $10, what did I have to lose?!

This happened to be right around the time I moved a very similar sized table from our family room to our entryway, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I’d paint it white, just like the other table.

I had a little Sherwin Williams Alabaster in a sample can in my stash, so I added just a tiny spoonful of Plaster of Paris (a trick I learned a while back somewhere so the paint sticks without sanding or priming!)…

Ah, one of the great things of hating your kitchen floor – ok, THE ONLY great thing – I could care less if paint spills all over the place! 😉

After a couple coats, I let it dry and then sanded a little of the edges…and now it’s perfect!

Not bad for $10, right?! The power of paint, I tell ya!

And no, I didn’t do any sanding or fixing to that bumpy leather top, because I knew stuff would hide it anyway.


Lots of fun rearranging and changing going on in here that I can’t wait to show you – still have some things to finish up, but I’m loving the new arrangement! So fun to start a new year with a new project – stay tuned! 🙂


  1. Love it! So by spoonful do you mean like teaspoon, tablespoon? I’m very eager to try your plaster of Paris trick lol.

    • Thanks! Google it – I just eyeball depending on how much paint I’m using, but I’m sure someone has an exact recipe somewhere online! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Love it

  3. Love the table! Do you recall where you got the pillow and plant in the picture? The room colors all look so nice and calming together. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Kelsey! The plant was from Marshalls and the pillow is actually a throw blanket (also from Marshalls!) that I DIY-ed over an old pillow;)

  4. Rondell Konat says:

    A great deal and the table turned out so cute, of course you styled so nice!

  5. Turned out great! Your kitchen floors doesn’t look that bad to me. But I wonder if they could be stenciled to look like those expensive cement tiles that are becoming so popular now?jj

    • YESSSSSS!!! That’s what I’ve been trying to talk myself up into trying!! Would be a big undertaking but so worth it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I love this makeover Liz!! What a great find……and it looks fantastic in the room! Love it!

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