May and June 2016 Round Ups!

Hi there! Long time, no blog, I know…we just got back from a fun vacation with friends, the kids and I have been living at the pool…it’s summertime at its finest and throw in a bunch of craft nights and well…let’s just say the family room looks pretty much exactly the same as it did a few weeks ago;) I have a feeling this blog is going to go from crickets to BOOM! once we get rolling. Sure won’t be at a loss for projects once we start in here, let me tell you! I should be set till 2017…but at the moment, we’re just enjoying the lazy days of summer…I mean, is there anything better? I don’t think so.

So since I DON’T have anything new for you (sorry!), thought I’d wrap up what’s been going down over here lately, in case you too, have been busy and haven’t popped over to the blog. I mean, life happens, right?!


May started with my exciting news – I kinda sorta turned this little hobby into a business and it’s been awesome. I did NOT see this coming, but God showed me His plan and I rolled with it…and it’s been so much fun so far!

Then I talked about what I never leave behind at yard sales, since it’s that glorious time of year when they pop up all over the place!

I made a red, white, and blue wreath out of scraps of fabric and old worn out jeans – pretty darn proud of that one, gotta say!

We bought new chairs for the family room

I moved around the Musical Trunk to yet ANOTHER spot – this time in the basement…

I got crafty again and tried my hand at String Art

Helped my mom conquer her tricky family room with a fun new look!

We tore down a wall to make our family room bigger!

I shared the progress and how things STILL look over here;)

And quite possibly my favorite furniture makeover to date – this $10 yard sale dresser that we’re using for our entertainment center in the new family room. Oh em gee, you HAVE to see this one!

So I guess we’ve been busier than I thought, now that I’m writing it all down! Stick with me, lovelies – it’s gonna get good and crazy one day soon, once this family room makeover gets under way. We just need one big rainy weekend so we can stay inside and get to work;)

Hope you have a fabulous and safe holiday weekend! XO

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