The Musical Trunk gets the Perfect new Home in the basement

I think one of my very favorite things is moving furniture around my house and giving it new life somewhere else. It’s so much fun! You might remember during my bedroom makeover post, how I mentioned that the trunk at the foot of our bed just wasn’t vibing with me? This trunk – the one I scored when Mom and I were out hittin’ up the flea markets:

old trunk

I painted the base grey and did a fabric/initial thing on the top when we had that short stint with our bright bedroom;)…


Then I fixed it up again the next day (ha!) and went with an almost navy/grey

new bedroom look

Wellll, since the rustic bench from the dining room/entry looked so darn good in my bedroom, and this wasn’t floating my boat in the new room, I had to find a new spot for it…


I mean, right? The trunk just wouldn’t look half as good as this does in there.

So I took it downstairs (because, really, doesn’t all our junk end up there anyway? Please say I’m not the only one)…

Lo and behold, while I was down there, I noticed this empty little nook in the corner that looked *almost* exactly the size of the trunk.

I placed it down, and YES! Like it was meant to be!

I mean, sure, it’s a little bit cramped (according to my husband), but I think it’s perfect for more seating down there. It’s going to be cramped no matter what in that room – it’s not a huge space. Far from it, actually. So I’m ok with it. The kids and their friends are always hanging out in here, and we get a big group together over here during football season – more seating is ALWAYS a good thing! Wanna see??



trunk new home

I painted the base the same color as the walls, and the trim white, so it mimics the walls. And one day I’ll work on a legit cushion, but right now, it’s just a comforter we don’t use, wrapped in a soft cozy white throw blanket! Working out pretty well;)


A little gooseneck light on the wall would be a nice little touch, don’t you agree? I think it’s a perfect little nook, and I’m so thrilled I was able to find a new home for this trunk!



Now as for the entry bench…working on something over there – not quite blog ready, but we’ll get there! I’ll share as soon as it’s done:)


  1. Heather says:

    It does look nice down there. I can’t tell, though- if someone sat there would they be banging into and damaging that tree art work?

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