Favorite Things Friday #13

It has been a WEEK!

First off, let me just tell all you sweet, sweet Facebook followers that I heard back from my doctor about last week’s ultrasound on the lymph node. No significant change was what she told me – minimal increase in size – which kinda bummed me out. I was hoping that since it had shrunk last time I had it measured, it would continue to move in that direction, but I guess the news could be much worse. Waiting to hear back from my Hopkins doctor after he looks at the results, and where we go from here, but I’m hoping he agrees that the increase isn’t enough to be alarmed about…

For those not on Facebook, I had to get my lump measured to make sure it’s not growing – the same lump I had biopsied last January and the unsuccessful surgery to remove in April. You can read a little about it here.

But it is FRI-YAY! So let’s talk about some FUN stuff, shall we?!

Here are a few of my favorite things this week…

1. Leather Earrings from Downtown Leather Co.

So let me tell you about this cool story. I got to know Rachael when she was a Maryland girl, living just a few minutes away. She was one of my daughter’s preschool teachers and as you parents of little ones know, those teachers become so very special to you and your family. It was like seeing old friends every time I walked into that building. Still miss it when I drive by all the time! Rachael also hired me for a home consultation and was such a fun client. She tried out so many of the ideas we talked about, and it was a fun journey watching her home transform.

Then…her husband’s job took them to COLORADO! It was a whirlwind and a shock to hear she was moving, and we would miss her so much, but this was an exciting new venture. They’ve been there a year now and can I just tell you, after seeing her Facebook posts, I kinda wanna move to Colorado too!! 😉 It sure looks beautiful.  Long story short, she started a business making leather earrings and is CRUSHING it! They are selling in boutiques here in Maryland and going like hotcakes. A friend of mine said she went to a Christmas party and pretty much everyone there was wearing them!! What I love (besides their cuteness factor) is how crazy lighweight they are! I kid you not – I don’t even feel like I’m wearing earrings. That is seriously the best!!

You can check out her website at downtownleatherco.com and she’s on Facebook and Instagram as well. I’ve got such a soft spot for small businesses, especially with a story like this – a mom and wife moving across the country and finding a passion that can help her family AND bring joy to others. Love love love!


2. Magnolia Hoodie

Oh man, you guys. I am obsessed with this hoodie. I didn’t even know I wanted it until my husband gave it to me as a birthday gift last October and here I am wearing it every other day!! (He accompanied the sweatshirt with DIY plane tickets to Waco for their Silobration this Fall – OMG right?! He’s a real keeper). It is CRAZY comfy and warm – the inside is that fleece-y cozy material and hasn’t changed, even though I’ve thrown it in the wash about 800 times. Coziness aside, I am a big fan of the shape. Most hoodies I’ve worn in the past have zero shape and you just feel and look frumpy when you wear them, you know? This one is a little more snugly fitted – not tight by any means, but just enough so you feel like you have a little shape underneath.

As you can see, still in great shape, after 800 washes;). And since this winter has been BRUTAL and it’s only just beginning, it has been a godsend. So thankful my husband thought it was a good birthday gift! Here’s a link to it if you’re interested – Magnolia hoodie 

3. Blues, blues, blues!

We have a running joke in our family that my mom is the Queen of Blue. Pretty much her entire closet is made up of this color, and our home growing up has always had a lot of blue in it (except for that period in the early 90s when she went all sage green but then realized she was not a sage green person and went back…but I digress). Point is, I get it honest, and in between holidays/seasonal decorating, blue is always my go-to. It works so well with the greige-y neutrals I’ve got going on in the family room and I even picked up that smaller area rug recently to put on top of my jute rug to bring more of this favorite color of mine in here. I’ve been seeing it all over lately, in magazines, in stores…blue as an accent color just works!

I swear there isn’t a single shade of blue I don’t love. Here are some oldies but goodies of different shades I’ve used…

The upstairs hallway in Benjamin Moore’s Adagio – beautiful blue grey!

Behr Prelude in the powder room (and that’s beadboard WALLPAPER!)

The blue suitcase nightstand in our Master bedroom

So it’s no secret we love blue around here! But lately I’ve been digging deeper shades…navy, indigo…something really appealing about the contrast. I’ve been drawing inspiration from our new rug, and throwing some pillows and blankets with that color around in the family room. Even Charlie’s dog bed is sporting this color!



On that note, Charlie’s like, Enough already, Mom, let’s start the weekend! 

Hope it’s a great one! XO


  1. Kim Lorance says:

    Hi! I love all your ideas and you are such an inspiration. Why can I not pin your pics to Pinterest?

    • hmmm, I don’t know, Kim! I’ll look into it, thanks! And thank you for your sweet comments!

    • Are you trying to click on the pics to pin, or using your tool bar? I need to set it up where you can just click on a pic and pin it, I think in order to pin pics from my blog you have to use the tool bar. That seems to work. But I’ll work on installing that instant pin it button on individual pics, thanks!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I agree with Kim I’ve tried too .

  3. Deirdre Gibbons says:

    Great article, I’ve known Rachael for a long time, her oldest and mine were in Kindergarten together . Would love to have my daughter meet you sometime . She is thinking about going into interior design in college and is a junior in high school right now

  4. Liz, as always, great job, the house looks great! love “The Queen of Blue”

  5. I just love all of your beautiful ideas and your beautiful home!! I was just wondering what size you ordered of the Magnolia sweatshirt? I’m going to be making a birthday gift request. 🙂

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