A Rug On a Rug: Breaking up the Brown!

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We added a little fun to the family room over the weekend!

As you may know, we have a large jute rug in our family room. (here’s an affiliate link below…)

And I BIG FAT LOVE that rug. It’s the softest jute I’ve found, and the texture makes me swoon.

But lately…lately I’ve been wanting to add a little something.

Some color, some layers…something about this time of year especially, makes me want to just layer all the things. It just makes everything feel cozier, don’t you think?

And when I noticed just how much brown was going on in here between the large rug and wood coffee table, I had an idea!

A smaller area rug to break up the brown – YES!

I searched online.

In stores.

I searched.

And searched.

I read customer reviews.

And more customer reviews.

And finally, I bit the bullet on this beauty from Wayfair – the Abbeville Dark Blue/Cream Area Rug in a 5×8.

You guys.

It is sooooo pretty.


It just gives the room a little bit of life, and I’m so happy I went for it!

Only time will tell how it will react to laying on top of a chunky textured rug, but so far so good. I’ll keep ya posted. Might pick up some rug tape just in case the edges start curling or something.

It is so soft, and the colors are so perfect – a little cream, a little navy, a little tan…it’s just enough color to add some interest to this room without taking over.  Another factor I considered was how it would work with my constant changing-up-accent-colors obsession. This rug will work well with whatever mood I’m in…which for me, is something to strongly consider when buying a rug;)

Just for fun, here’s some pics of the family room in the past – sans rug…

What a difference a little 5×8 rug can make, huh?!


  1. I remember you blogged about it when you got it, but where did you find your jute rug? In the middle of a complete living room redesign an want one like it 🙂

  2. While I love the before photo, I REALLY love the 2nd rug – such a great idea and it really adds just that extra “cozy” touch to the room. You’re awesome!

  3. Mary Jo Sawyko says:

    Such a pretty room! The blue is the perfect touch. Love the grey chair! May I ask where you found it? Thanks

  4. Where did you find your couches? Thanks!

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