Thrifty Art: Dollar Tree Mirrors

Those of you who’ve been with me a while might remember My Dollar Tree Mirror Art? That time I used command strips and twelve mirrors from my local Dollar Tree to create this big ol’ mirror in our main hallway?

mirror art

Wellll, of course things can’t stay the same TOO long in here, so naturally I’m working on something new for that space;) So I had these little mirrors laying around, collecting dust in storage…

And back in the Fall, with our new family room makeover underway, I discovered JUST the spot for them! Well, some of them at least…

dollar tree mirrors

Right above our new built-in bench/nook!

I did the same thing I did last time – just stuck some command strips up there and that was it. I decided a wreath would be a nice finishing touch, so for a while I had a boxwood up there (you might’ve noticed that on the makeover post and Christmas family room one), but decided to take my DIY Cotton Wreath I made and use it here for winter. Love the coziness of it over here.

mirror art

Since that wall is where people sit, I didn’t want anything big that would be in the way. And I LOVE using mirrors whenever I can – the way they bounce the light around, make a space feel bigger…they’re never a bad idea.

mirror art

mirror art

And the fact that I didn’t have to spend a dime made it a no-brainer;) But even if you wanted to try this look at home, you’d only have to shell out $6! (Minus the wreath of course).  Speaking of deals – that lamp on the left in the above pic – I got at Walmart!? And it’s one of my very favorites. More proof that you really don’t have to spend a fortune to live beautifully, friends. Just keep your eyes open and think a little outside the box sometimes. It’s there. Sometimes collecting dust in your storage room;)

Happy decorating! XO


  1. Sherri S. says:

    I sure do remember your mirror project from years ago! This is so pretty with the mirrors and the wreath. Command strips are great!!!

    Happy Wednesday…

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