Christmas in the New Family Room: 2016

Oh my goodness, I cannot even tell you how glad we are that we took the wall down in our family room this year! Not only does it make our home feel so much bigger, it has been a BLAST to decorate for Christmas – so much fun to switch up where the tree is…we are loving every minute in here!

Christmas family room

I swapped out all the orange and Fall for the traditional red and green…with a touch of navy. Just like last year.

Christmas family room

Before we go any further, sorry for the pics – this was a weird time of day for photos in here with the sun and it was hard to find the right settings…this is when I wish I had patience to wait until the next morning;) Not my strong suit!

Christmas family room

So as you can see right here, we put the tree where the wall used to be! The kids pretty much did ALL the tree decorating this year. You’ll never see a perfectly decorated tree on this blog – to me, all the homemade ornaments made by the kids and put on by the kids are what makes this tree perfect. They love pulling out each one and reminiscing…it’s pretty darn cute to watch.

Christmas family room

Had to move one of the grey chairs to the basement for the moment but it’s really the only spot the tree could go. I actually love it here, even though it wasn’t where I originally wanted it. I’m so excited for Christmas morning, maybe sitting in the nook with coffee while we open gifts! 🙂

I picked up a few new things this year – like that wreath pillow above (Marshalls), and some small trees to put around the room…

Christmas family room

The light up one is Michaels, the small green in the burlap sack is Marshalls, and the black mini lantern is Hobby Lobby.

Christmas family room

Had the reindeer and sign from last year, but the tree is a new one from Marshalls…and it looks a lot less bright green in person – see what I’m talking about? Could NOT get the camera settings to cooperate today!

I love the new Christmas metal banner I picked up from Michaels – I think it’s just right for the tv dresser!

Christmas family room

And then just had to throw some greens and pinecones around and we were all set!

Christmas family room

christmas family room

Christmas family room

Christmas family room

Here are my tips on making a room feel festive, cozy, and Christmas ready:

1. GREENS! Pick them up from tree stands – our stand up the street where we get our tree is always more than happy for people to take the scraps, and they looks so pretty here, there, and everywhere! (As you can see in the pics above, I even stuck them in my candle wall sconce!)

2. Pillows and blankets – They’ll cozy up a space in SECONDS. The more texture the better.

3. Candles – I have them all over and there is nothing homier than lighting them at night. The battery operated ones make it possible to even have them “lit” around the little ones:)

4. Sit back and enjoy:)

Christmas family room

Happy decorating!


  1. Suzanne Logan says:

    Love love love your house! Your living room is lovely and the Christmas decorations are just right. Not too much and not too little. Just right!

  2. Chris boyle says:

    You have a gift my dear, no doubt!!❤️️❤️️

  3. Sherri S. says:

    Love this room! Looks so Christmasy…yep, that’s a word 😀


  4. Hi Liz. What paint colors do you have in your downstairs? I love the light gray.


  5. I just Love the Christmas family room. AMAZING. you guys did an amazing job!! I must tell you that I just LOVE that you let the kids do the teee even if not perfect because I am the same. It’s about them having fun sharing memories and learning. Thanks again for another wonderful post. God Bless

  6. Jennifer B says:

    You are so talented! Can you share where you got the “It’s So Good To Be Home” sign? Thanks!

  7. jill jones says:

    Beautiful room with just the right amount of Christmas. It is light, bright and homey. We always did the tree as a family when my kids were little. Cut a fresh cedar a week or so before the day, husband put on the lights and the kids did the decorating, we placed the higher ones they couldn’t reach but placed them at their direction. We always did some new handmade each year. The year we added our family room on the house we had our first really TALL tree and had to make some new Big ornaments, filled them out with 4″ white Styrofoam ball “snowballs”. This what makes super memories, you guys are on the right track and your kids will treasure this. All the best to you and your family in 2017!

  8. Had a question. Are your couches the “Ektorp” ones from IKEA? They look like them.


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