A Happy Little Accident and The Traveling Bench Moves Again!

So my mom recently gave me an old chair. It was going to be perfect next to my daughter’s little school desk…or so I thought.

I’ll get to that…

It was a yard sale find a while back, and she never used it – just needed some TLC.

chair makeover

I painted it white and took some sandpaper to it a little, to give it a slight distressed look. It needed something else. I  thought of a chair pad, but it’s an odd seat height – it would have to be extremely thin in order to still have some leg room for my girl.


Then it hit me!

I could use Mod Podge to attach fabric to it, just like I did on my bench. Perfect!

I picked up half a yard at Hobby Lobby, and got to work.

chair makeover

Just cut it to size, and painted the whole seat with Mod Podge (using a foam brush), laid it on there, then gave it a coat all over the top as well.

And it was done! I put it in my daughter’s room, right under her desk and…it was all wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but just didn’t click with me.

Great. Now I had this chair with fabric glued all over it and it won’t even work in her room. How could I fix this?


I have no idea what made me do this, but I turned the corner to my other daughter’s room, and tried out her bench to see what it would look like in place of the chair. This bench has been in our family room, in our office, in my younger daughter’s room, and now, I’m trying it in my older daugher’s room?! Sure have gotten my money’s worth from that $3 thing! 😉

Turns out, it looked great in there. But would the chair look ok replacing the bench in my younger girl’s room?

As luck would have it, YES.


So here the stool was two days ago, originally:

school desk makeover

Here it is now, after it moved around the corner to my older girl’s room:

chair makeover


And check out how awesome the chair looks in its new home!

chair makeover


I love it in here! Look how that fabric matches her curtains!! Like it was meant to be, I tell ya. (And probably shoulda wiped her dry erase board clean before I snapped these pics – woopsie!)

chair makeover


chair makeover

What a happy little accident. 🙂

Wonder where that bench will end up next…?!


  1. sarah alicea says:

    How funny! I noticed in your last post that the bench was in a different daughter’s bedroom and wondered if you “stole” it for the picture. Now the mystery is solved! Btw love your blog! I have been reading for over a year and always look forward to your pists!

  2. I love the chair! It really turned out great. Love that Mod Podge!

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