Turn An Everyday Kitchen Stool Into a Farmhouse Style Nightstand…and Some Other Stuff…

Do you have a tiny bedroom?

How about a tiny budget?

A fan of the whole farmhouse-y/old-looking/rustic thing?

If so, I have a solution for you!

kitchen stool table

I know, not *exactly* what you had in mind, huh?

Hear me out.

If you give it a layer of your favorite blue flat finish paint (chalk paint/chalky finish paint works great)…

kitchen stool table

Let it dry, then go over it with flat white paint, then sand…

rustic nightstand

stool turned nightstand

…and suddenly you no longer have just a kitchen stool, but a nightstand perfect for an itty-bitty space on an itty-bitty budget! (Even more so if you can score one of these stools at a yard sale!)

My daughter’s room is the size of a large closet, so this is perfect in here:

nightstand stool

When it comes to end tables and nightstands, think outside the box – some of my favorites I’ve used over the years…

My suitcase table in our bedroom:

suitcase table

A 100 year old school desk for my son’s room

ottoman makeover

A $10 yard sale school desk I spray painted for my daughter’s room

school desk makeover

Garden stools also make for a great little spot to sit your drink if you’re limited on space…

fiddling around the family room

Or even a small bench…


…or an old $5 flip top school desk can make for a cool statement table…

yard sale table makeover

Apparently I have a thing for really cheap desks?!

Anytime you can do something a little different, and give it a spin of your own, it adds character and interest. An unexpectedness that adds to that curated, collected-over-time look. Which I admit, sometimes I don’t have the patience for, but it really is worth it.

Also, if you’re hesitant to start trying your hand at painting a piece of furniture, what better way than with a yard sale find or inexpensive kitchen stool? I bet you’ll end up not only loving it, but feeling inspired to keep on junkin’ and painting! Breathing new life into something that was headed to the dumpster is so gratifying.

And keep me posted if you do! 🙂


  1. It’s amazing. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing this post.

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